3 Jun 2010

The Wedding, the death of Frank and the loss of the DSLR

 This was a doodle I did for Heather and John's save the date cards

Warning this is just a splish splosh of grey matter, garbled together in post like form:

I got back the Highlands of Scotland last Saturday and have been editing the wedding photographs ever since. I took over a thousand myself, then my older sister Jemma acted as second camera, so I have about a 1000 from her camera too!

Here is a one that Heather has seen already:
When I have eventually finished editing them all, I will blogging about what it is like to photograph a wedding as a rank amateur, sweaty palms, feeling sick and all that fun stuff. Also how I felt about having to give back the DSLR camera (boohoo)

On coming home I found Frank, my deformed fish, dead in his plant pot. I know what are you thinking, of course he would be dead if he was in a plant pot! But Frank was very happy in his ceramic plant pot, he was the last fish to survive the deadly fish tank of doom (long story, too tragic).

Really missing blogging of late, the words trapped in my grey matter are really better out than in, well for me anyways. There is WAY too much crap floating around in this noggin of my mine at the moment.

Other stuff:
Being without proper music for nearly two weeks was bloody awful. I think spotify has been on non stop since I got home. It is bands like Evening Chorus, that become a soundtrack to your life, in particular this track in the video below is very relevant to me at the moment. I discovered them via twitter and I am chuffed to have found them before they get uber famous, which they will.

They are in a competition at the mo, so please vote for Evening Chorus HERE if you get the chance, they are a bloody fantastic band.

Evening Chorus:


  1. Well, for all the sweaty palms & feeling sick - if THAT's the quality of your photos, your sister & brother in law are going to be very, very pleased! It's a beautiful shot of them on your blog ... really.
    Are you feeling a bit flat now it's all over? Good chance to catch up though and BLOG some more. You have been missed! xxx

  2. I can certainly understand the nervous sweaty palms and sick to your stomach feeling but I would be willing to bet that all great wedding photographers start out that way. Perhaps now that you have that experience under your belt, you'll find your next to be a veritable walk in the park!

    And of course Frank was dead! He probably starved to death in your absence! Fish cruelty! Fish cruelty!

    Don't knock yourself out editing pictures and do something nice for you - you've more than earned it!

  3. the photo is beautiful would love to see more. sorry about frank!

  4. Can't wait to see some more pics. That first one is magnificent. I am sure you did a great job. I can relate to the nervousness. I did my first wedding in July last year, while 3 months pregnant, even managed to puke during the middle of the reception. Nice! At least they didn't fire me on the spot. haha.

    Sorry about your fish, may he swim in peace.

  5. Alas, poor Frank; we hardly knew ye...
    What a gorgeous spot for wedding photos! Anxious to see the rest.

  6. Beautiful photo, Claire. Can't imagine anyone not being proud to have that one in their album. Ah, decisions-sometimes it's better just to let them make themselves. One is generally happier with situations one stumbles into than those one plans. Sorry about Frank.

  7. My condolences on the loss of Frank. Your photo is beautiful and I look forward to the other 1999. That is an excellent group but would like to be able to hear the lyric better. They are very talented.

  8. hi that is a nice post. The picture is really nice and well taken.
    The band plays well, the lyrics was also very nice, hope they make it big. :-)

  9. Very good shot, Claire. You're right, the bands pretty good for a bunch of kids in a shed.

    ...wait a second, there are kids in sheds NOT doing bad things these days? Wonderful parents! :)

  10. Very nice job on the wedding pictures. Unless the others are pants. I'm sure they are fine. Hope you are.

  11. Grrrrr I did reply to these comments but feckin blogger ate them!

    @Karen, Yes I am/was feeling a wee bit flat., but it is definitely motivating to blog more :)

    @Linda, Frank was fed, he just missed me too much! I am having a week off from editing. When I do my longer wedding photography post I am sure it will conquer up sweaty palm flashbacks and we can swap tips and traumas :)

    @Kelly, thank you! In a few weeks I should have more available to share, once the sister gives me the go ahead :)

    @Shutterbug, Shooting a wedding 3 months pregnant! Garghh that must have been stressful! I feel sick for you!

    @Amazing Gracie, Thanks Gracie! I am replying to comments late, so you have seen the latest picture, but it will be a few weeks before I am allowed to share more, heather has to see them first, then the parents etc etc etc :)

    @NP, always great advice, that I never take myself :)

    @Jamie, Thanks Jamie, they are still a very new band and are bound to get better and better, the shed recordings are very quirky but I loved this song. Will look out for a better video in the future to share with you.

    @Satish, thanks dude or dudette.

    @John C, Hey John hope you are well? I dread to think what you got up in a shed.... :)

    @Max, Hey Maximus! Hope you are well? I am hopingthe others turn out non pants, seems to be okay so far :)