31 Oct 2010

Next one is going to be BIG

Time flies when you are having fun busy!

Finally FINALLY finished editing all my sisters wedding photograph, here are a few of my favourites;
Roses and Pearls

textured loch

hjw (852)-2 text

If you want to see all seventy bajillion of them, feel free to peruse the Flickr collection (19 sets) 'Wedding Photographs'. There are only 1260 really and Heather has to leave a comment on every single one of them, kidding! (not really).

I didn't just want to leave it at that, so I also created a blog, which works like a virtual wedding book of sorts. You can see that by clicking here 'Wedding Blog', start with the 'About' section and then hop over to the 'Chapters' section. I think this gives you a good idea of what the day was like, hope you like it, as blood, sweat and tears went into it (hehe).

No more photography stuff for a wee while, although I am sure I will be posting more photographs from the day. Also its hard to go back to the old point and shoot camera, after my flirtation with a DSLR.

If you haven't checked out my new project, please do!
It is a site dedicated to checking out your naughty bits, for the good of your health, using the power of doodle.

I would really appreciate people having a look at this site and maybe clicking the facebook like button etc. It is a project that I am enjoying immensely and there is a LOT more to doodle with it. The thing that motivates me is the input from the people that enjoy the doodles, their thoughts and ideas. So any help, thoughts, ideas would be great!

The next blog post on here is going to lonnnnnnnnnngggg, as it was my four year blogoversary on the 29th of October. So to celebrate that, I am doing something a little special.....


  1. I was a little bummed that there was no picture of Heather's other sister Claire... I wonder what happened there....

  2. The wedding blog is simply AMAZING! And the self exam site is going to be big!

    *grabs coffee, cookies, noodles and awaits the next post* ^_^

  3. Claire-the middle photo above is one the wedding couple should have enlarged a hundredfold and placed on their bedroom wall. If anything could inspire them to embrace their future together, it's that. And now I'm off to view your wedding blog.

  4. Claire-fabulous job on the Wedding Blog. Photos and commentary. Something so special-a real treasure.

  5. @Callie Ann, Oh no that Claire would have ruined the pictures, she is a right miserable toad.

    @TJ, Ciaooo TJ! Thanks ever so much about the wedding blog and with more of your lovely illustrations then the self exam site will be awesome!

    I think you will need all that stuff for the next post, it will be epic! hehe

    @NP, What a lovely thing to write, I really do love that picture and so does my sister. I think they may be getting that one as a canvas print, but I am not 100% sure.

    I am really glad you liked the blog, its great to get new opinions and new eyes looking at it.

  6. Did you TAKE those photos? That second picture is amazing - I love the aged texture!!

  7. @Tricia, Dude you obviously haven't been paying attention as I have cried blood, sweat and tears over these beasts!! Hehe.

    Yes I took and edited the photographs and the second picture is probably my all time favourite out of the lot of them, all 1260 :)

    If you want any aged just email me them or will send you links to the textures?

  8. I like the second photo, too. Looks like it's raining or something, when the sun was shining so bright. And the background scenery is terrific! 1260 photos, heh? You must have had so much fun! Congrats to the couple!

  9. Great work Claire! You did a fandabidooby job! :) My favourite is the confetti picture and the first picture above. Looks like there might be a change of profession soon in the horizon!

  10. Wow you have been busy! Great work as usual!!!

  11. Love the wedding photos. Such a beautiful job with a beautiful couple. The sexy doodle was cool, too.

    You are one talented chick. Kudos!

  12. @Passionate Blogger, I used an ageing texture, so no rain! But it was super bright that day. The mountains in the background were so lovely. After 1260 the fun factor had faded slightly.. Thanks for the congrats and the comment.

    @Funkkee, Hey Funkkee :) I am Loving your usage of 'Fandabidooby'! Thanks for taking the time to have a look at them. Hmmm not sure I could do it as a profession, it is SO time consuming. Also no fancy camera of my own for a while yet!

    @Crystal, Why yes I have! Thanks for the lovely comment :)

    @Janene, Oh thanks, what a lovely thing to say, I am SO pleased by everyone's reaction to them. After looking at them for so long, you sort of lose perspective on if they are good or not!

    Who knew TJ would be a great sexy doodler! hehe

    You always such nice things, I really appreciate it xxx