2 Nov 2010

I am a Tetradite blogger

As the clock struck 10 on the evening of the 29th of October this year, I had now been blogging for FOUR whole years! Well actually I was working on another blog, not this one, at that very moment, but oh well. To mark this monumental occasion, I will take you on a doodle journey through the last four years of blogging.

Started a blog
Blogger/Blogspot has been my blog drug of choice these past four years, simply because it was the first thing I found when looking for an online diary/blog. Although I do have a Tumblr blog and a Wordpress one (backup blog), that I occasionally mess with now. I have found that Blogspot is still the most suited to my needs. My niche, before I knew what a niche was, is 'Personal'. The blog was just meant to be a place to dump my thoughts on a daily (ish) basis.
But now what?
How do you get people to read your waffling and offerings? Who wants to? Do you want them to? How do you add pictures, How this and how that? Basically there were a LOT of 'How do I?' type questions and somehow I found the 'Blogger Help' forums. It really was a miracle that I even found them and how I cringe at the type of questions I asked back then (Noob alert). Some nice folks did take pity and gave me some pretty good advice, mainly stop using so many exclamation marks!!!!!!!! and your layout is HORRID! So I changed the layout and curtailed my use of !!
Enter Blogtopia
From the Blogger Help forums, I moved onto other blogging forums, still rather clueless about this whole blogging thing and was now on quest for knowledge (and widgets). Followed by the usual thing of registering your blog with every blog directory known to man (or google).  I also started reading a LOT of other blogs in my niche, which was and still is, a personal blog of sorts.
Information Overload
Suddenly you are flooded with talk of SEO, Page Rank, Flickr, Twitter, Google reader, Facebook, technorati, memes, tags, awards and much much more. It is so overwhelming at first and it becomes very easy to forget the reasons why you are blogging. You see other blogs getting lots of comments and wonder how they attract so many, when not even ten people a week are reading yours (Insert sad face here).
Uh Oh
It seemed a good idea at first to get involved with paid posting, internet memes and silly blog like things. I am sure for some people that is enough. For me though, it was horrid. I was posting so frequently, numerous times a day and felt burnt out quickly. The lesson was learnt, but I think it took about two years, before I really started developing a blog voice of my own. I think the worry was that just me on my own would be bloody boring.
Sad Face :(
It would be remiss to not point out the darker side of blogging, especially when it's something that can really upset people. There are some very very strange people on the internet, don't try to analyse them too much, just accept that and move on. People will be horrid to you, some will think they are giving you 'helpful' advice, some are just being twats. It takes a while to develop a internet strength thick skin, but you will.
Is it worth all that? YES it is. The Pros far outweigh the Cons in my opinion. The inspiration and friendship that I have gotten from the blogs that I read, and the people that read/comment on here, has changed so many things in my life. From my interest in photography and doodling, to just inspiring me to actually share my thoughts on difficult situations. I could mention a lot more great things about blogging, but I have so much more to fit into this post.

You should really read my One, Two and Three year blogging anniversary posts to gain a better insight into how this blog has developed. There is no magic formula, just lots of mistakes, lots of learning and lots of time. I try to put a lot of time and effort into writing these blog anniversary posts, as it's a great way to look back at all I have learnt over the years. I think a lot of people want to know more about how to start blogging, how to get people to read it and so on. Those questions are hard to answer, mainly because everyone is blogging for different reasons. So I just try to show what I have done over the years, with the hopes that that may answer some questions.

Thoughts on blogging:
I thought there would come a point that I would get bored of this blogging malarkey, surely boring myself and others. Although I have been frustrated, stressed out etc, at times, I still haven't reached the boredom point. I guess I like (maybe love) sharing some aspects of my life and personality with the strange folks that wander the interwebs. It opens up a dialogue, that then translates to real life interactions and guess what? It's good to talk.

What next?
I have some rather exciting doodle projects on the go at the moment, you already know about 'Self Exam Doodles', but that is just the start. I hope you will stick around for a few more years and follow me on the next adventure.

Thanks to everyone new and old for reading!


  1. I don't know whether to enter - I just want to say Happy blogoversary! Chris sent me to your blog and I'm pretty sure it was way back when you first started! Me, I'm such a bad blogger now :(

  2. Woohoooooooo Gefeliciteerd (hehe)! Your illustrations brightens up the post! I love them and I love this post!

    It was worth the wait and I have still some popcorn left, so I will read post one, two & three hehe.

    I still don't know what the secret is behind blogging. Okay, probably because there is no secret haha, but I never really took a closer look at the whole blogging thing. I chose blogspot, because it was the first one I found and it looked easy and nice. I still like it. I also have a WP blog as backup. For me, just need to have fun and in the end you develop your own blog system. A system that works for you.

    Oh! I think your blog was one of the first I started to follow when I registered at BC a year ago. Time flew by!

    And I'm glad you found your blogging voice in the end and you overcame the obstacle of thinking that you could be boring. You're most definitely not boring, but an inspiration to me and I'm sure many other readers!

    Here is to many many more years and awesome projects along the way ^_^ *raises watercolour brushes & pens* Fun awaits us ;)


  3. Congratulations! Four years is awesome! I've only been on Blogger since July and I'm amazed at the connections I've made (obviously, the TJ post from earlier)...I can't imagine what it might feel like in four years.

    Keep on doodlin' girl!! Your pictures are so cute and give your blog a ton of character.

  4. I've been blogging about 3 years and followed pretty much the same meme path before I realized I started my blog as a personal journal... what the heck did memes have to do with that?

    I don't care if I win but I'll play along since you mentioned cookies just above ^^ this comment box!

    I found you through the Doodle week memes... and lost you when I deleted my cats' email when it got hacked... and found you again through Duchess Linda on Facebook!

    1. Dragon or Troll? Dragon!
    2. Clothes or Naked? Clothes!
    3. Mermaid or Unicorn? Unicorn!
    4. Castle or Boat? Castle!
    5. Sun or Moon? Moon!

  5. oooh! I want a genuine original Doodle for the baby's room!

    1. Dragon or Troll?Dragon (girly)
    2. Clothes or Naked?Clothes
    3. Mermaid or Unicorn? unicorn
    4. Castle or Boat?castle
    5. Sun or Moon?sun

    If memory serves me correct I found you through other mutual bloggers. And later through photography and flickr. You do great work and I enjoy our bloggy buddiness! Oh, and I love the cool Brit words you use. :P

  6. 4 years.....that is truly awesome. It's great to find out about the journey that your blog has gone through & thanks for sharing what you've learnt in that time.

    I lolled when I saw the screen shots of your blog themes in years 1 & 2. My life, the internet was a dark & ugly place back then. But look at it now. It's a colourful, joyous, vibrant place of doodle loveliness.

    I first found your blog when you tracked me down, stalked me & got me drunk, then tattooed the URL onto my forehead, backwards of course, so I could read it every time I look in the mirror.


    Here's to another 4 years :p

  7. I have been blogging since July, and can't imagine what it must be like to blog for 4 years! But congratulations on such a milestone!

    I don't remember where I first discovered you. I think I was googling "bollocks" but I'm not sure about that.

    I have only one request: don't stop.

  8. Bollocks to this 'ooh, I'm just posting to say congrats,' nonsense. I want stash, and I want it this way:

    1. Dragon or Troll? Dragon.
    2. Clothes or Naked? Naked. I love naked dragoons.
    3. Mermaid or Unicorn? Mermaid. With a face like Claire Sweeney/slapped arse.
    4. Castle or Boat? Castle. Can I make it bouncy (the castle, although a bouncy mermaid would definitely float my ursine boat, if you will).
    5. Sun or Moon? Moon!

  9. I just wanted to say grats again and fyi I found you through BC, what 2 years ago I think?

  10. "how you found this blog"

    I googled 'naked mermaid rides unicorn'

  11. 1. Dragon or Troll? Troll
    2. Clothes or Naked? Naked
    3. Mermaid or Unicorn? Unicorn
    4. Castle or Boat? Boat
    5. Sun or Moon? Sun

    Well, after our chat on Twitter last night I think we came to the conclusion that it was around the early Entrecard era that we became web-entangled. Certainly, your first comment on my site was March 2008; that was related to an Andy Fanton-based post and I'm sure I discovered him on EC.

    Hopefully, many more years of blogging to come.

  12. Congratulations from me too :)
    I am glad that i read this post :)

    I founded you through google search -

  13. Boring-how could you even imagine such a thing! Shows how shamefully we all underestimate ourselves. You are absolutely one of the most unique and colorful people I've met here. Congratulations on trooping through four whole years, and growing by leaps and bounds from one blogging day to the next.

    And yes, I want a Cr. Pitt doodle:

    1. Dragon
    2. Naked
    3. Mermaid
    4. Boat
    5. Sun

  14. Whoop whoop and happy blogoversary! Really nice post which is full of the stuff that makes me read - great doodles, fun, personality and the little pieces of you that are all part of a very cool person. :)

    Competitioninining: I reckon that the fictional work you've read the most is, erm, the B.F.G. and as for the questions...

    1. Dragon
    2. Naked
    3. Unicorn
    4. Boat
    5. Sun

    Keep on blogging, keep on being creative and keep on with all the awesomeness! :D

  15. Just wanted to say congratulations on four big years of blogging. Keep at it and best wishes for many more successful years in this crazy blogsphere.

  16. To say I found you in the Discussions on BlogCatalog make me flle as if I'd discovered you and in a way I had. It's been well over three years since I visited your blog and tumbled headlong down the rabbit hole, to view the inner-workings of the bits about you, that you deigned to share with the world. Cyber space is a good place to write about life and bounce ideas off our heads; that's what you get here, people's minds and their thoughts. Our exchanges and interactions are a reflection of candid moments, tiny snippets of time we share.

    I think I really liked you the most when you were working through the Mumborg (scary time). I found a young person who stayed determined, strong and such a caring spirit. The harsh realities of this period sunk in and I found a wealth of admiration for someone who adores her family so very much.

    Your cartoons and doodles are playful, colorful and witty. We Yanks love the British wit and even though we are separated by that Big Pond, I feel we forged a friendship and a I find that you have a wonderful way of brightening everyone's day ... even if you don't want to celebrate your damned birthday! Ha!!!!!!

    Congratulations Claire and keep doodling, writing, sharing and snapping those wonderful photographs. <>

    I don't stand a chance but:


  17. Please edit the following words:

    from: make to: makes
    from: flle to: feel
    from: and a I find to: and I find

    Those fingers did their walking. Thanks.

  18. Congratulations Claire! and, those are some amazing illustrations on that post btw. Great to hear that 4 years on you are still blogging for pleasure rather than becoming a boring ad-revenue billionaire.

    Oh. Er. Blogcatalog, first came across your blogging a year or so ago. Dragon clothes mermaid castle moon ;)

  19. i'm a new blogger, and i think i visited you twice (now).. the first time i followed you in an instant. i love your doodles.~_~

    1. Dragon
    2. Naked
    3. Mermaid
    4. Castle
    5. Moon

  20. Happy blogversary, I just made my 3 year blogversary too :O) Xx

  21. I really like your blog!!! I link your blog from mine.

    Would you like to link me? Thanks!!

  22. Claire, sincere congratulations on your four years (WOW) of blogging. I don't care about winning anything--just want to tip my hat and raise a virtual glass of champagne on a job well done for four years. You are inspirational to the rest of us. Your artwork is fabulous, btw.

    Take care,


  23. Happy Anniversary !!
    I can't remember how I found you,but I'm glad I did. Keep blogging Claire and lots of kisses for the Mumborg, I hope she is fine.

  24. Congrats on 4 years!

    Or, on 1.461 days of blogging... you had to have hit a leap year in there somewhere.

    I found you through Blog Catalog.

    And since we've only been there since May, it would have to be within the past 6 months, so I've been along for 1/8 of your blogging, tops.

  25. Happy Blog Anniversary Claire and I wish you many more to come! You've certainly come a long way with your blogs and other projects and you must be proud of yourself.

    Keep up the good job and most of all, happy blogging!

  26. Four years? Happy blogiversary and I tip my hat to your stamina! I've been going for three (on t'other blog anyway) but I've barely crawled through the last year.

    The blogging voice is an interesting one, I thought yours seemed really assured when I started reading here. But reading what you just said, you reckon you didn't get into your stride 'til a year afterwards. You've always been a bloody good entertaining writer, that's all I know ;)

  27. Happy Bloggiversary! It's been a very enjoyable ride!


    I'm not sure if you've mentioned it here, but there's an American TV drama that's been out for nearly 3 years called 'In Treatment', I've just downloaded the first season, have yet to watch it, but I think you'd be interested in it. The torrent takes about 12 hours for the first season (43 - 25 minute episodes).

    I know I've been silent for far too long, but I have been sporadically reading here and there... Keep on blogging! xx

  28. Having been blogging for just a little over four years myself, I have no recollection of how I found your blog but I am bloody glad that I did!

    You're quite right when it comes to learning how to become a successful blogger, as it were, and finding out where you fit in in the Blogosphere. The memes and tags and awards and paid posts and all that are all well good and fine if you've got no other voice to use but you have a good voice and I'm glad to see you using it - though not anywhere near as often as I'd like!

    As for the award, I'll be happy to let someone else claim this one and you can draw me my very own doodle when you're next here visiting!

  29. Hello. I just started following you on BC which is also where I discovered your doodling talent!

    Congratulations on your big anniversary! I'd love to win the contest and get my own doodle... Here are my choices! :-)

    1. Dragon or Troll? Dragon
    2. Clothes or Naked? Naked
    3. Mermaid or Unicorn? Unicorn
    4. Castle or Boat? Boat
    5. Sun or Moon? Moon

  30. I had actually already read the entire post before I even knew there was a prize at stake. Nice! Great story, and you certainly put a lot of effort into this anniversary post.

    I'm pretty sure you know who I am. We "met" over at Blog Catalog where your sweet cheery demeanor always shined through! Despite picking up a handful of cool friends from BC, I couldn't really stand the place, and left. But I had already found you on Twitter.

    We randomly exchanged glances here and there, but one day you threw down the gauntlet and told me that the header on my blog "offended" you. The rest was history, a fairytale ending. Hahaha.

    Seriously, I've been to your blog dozens of times and have probably left a comment or two. I like the art work is the main reason.

    You were also super awesome to take my photo and help me create my new and current blog header. If anyone wants to see it, click over. Very cool.

    Today I stopped here after seeing you promote someone else's article on Twitter. Wow. 4 years. Impressive. I've almost at two and a bit burnt out. Oh well.

    Talk to you later.

  31. Greetings Claire,
    Just wondering. If I leave some cookies would you be so kind as to offer me a cup of coffee, milk, no sugar. Thanks:-)
    I just found out about your superb blog via the posting that 'timethief' submitted about your good self.
    Here's wishing you hearty congratulations on your fourth anniversary of blogging in this wonderful community of bloggers.
    Have a peaceful and positive week.
    With respect and happy writing, your way, Gary

  32. Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles, am i getting closer?

  33. 1. Dragon or Troll? Dragon
    2. Clothes or Naked? Clothes
    3. Mermaid or Unicorn? Unicorn
    4. Castle or Boat? Boat
    5. Sun or Moon? Moon

    Congratubulations Claire!!!

    I found this fantastic blog through BC.

    Is your fiction thingy "the hitchhiker guide to the galaxy"?

  34. Jaundiced Ed Ripper. Is that correct? Was it that obvious?

  35. M'dear, many hearty congratulations on your fourth year! You were one of the earliest web-logging chums (chumettes?) that I made when I started up myself, and I am glad to still see you about, and doing so well!

    Here's to you! *clink*

    - Lord Likely.

  36. 1. Dragon or Troll? Dragon
    2. Clothes or Naked? Clothed
    3. Mermaid or Unicorn? Unicorn
    4. Castle or Boat? Castle
    5. Sun or Moon? Moon

    Pride & Prejudice


  37. Hi Claire, Just dropping by to wish you a happy blogging anniversary!

    Rock on (or, rather, blog on!!) :)

  38. Hello and thanks for all the awesome comments! I will be replying to them all!

    This is just an official comment in regards to the competition. I have the two winners and have removed that part of the post. This is because if I leave that element in the post, then I will still get comments about that aspect for the next four years!

  39. ... And ... we wouldn't want that now would we? Ha! Are you over the flu yet? Hope so.

  40. blogwalking blog walking and more blogwalking until I stumble to this.. hehehe
    whew nice ride I have in here.... gotta come back but for now I must say what a job well done...
    I have the tendency of opening ang shutting down my blogs... but this time I guess I'm here to stay... well sort off... lets see hehe...

  41. Hi love!

    Just here to say happy anni-blogi-versery! Can't wait to see what you get up to next ;)

    Love the drawings as always.


  42. Congrats on your anniversary, Claire!
    Long may you blog!

  43. Four years - wow!
    I only discovered your blog when i started my own earlier this year and just like you, wanted to find blogs of a similar vein.
    You have had such an inspirational blogging journey and now seem very comfortable with your own style and direction. For me, it is esential to please me first and foremost - if others like it that is truly great.
    I am so excited to see how the doodling develops Claire, there is such amazing potential there as not only do you produce visual engagement, you have the vision to get a message across.
    Smiles and blessings, fish and chips and a bottle of Tizer. :)

  44. Okay here goes the epic reply to all comments with huge comments, because blogger is SHITE in the comment department. I should have mentioned that in my summary of blogging.

    @Alison, Ahh the mythical Chris, someone whom I thought would carry on blogging, but has disappeared from the land of the webs. I presume he is well? I forgive you for being a bad blogger, mainly because I follow you elsewhere and I am not the most frequent blogger myself!

    @TJ, Hello my doodlistic chum! Gosh popcorn left! Hmm you definitely wont if you did read 1,2 and 3 as well! I remember our first conversation was about doodle hair I think? So much has happened in a year! Which seems like a short and long time simultaneously. So glad I inspire you, because as you know, you most definitely inspire me!

    @Tricia, Only since July! Wow you got into the swing of blogging right away. I think you most definitely have a unique blogging voice, so maybe that is why it reads like you have been around for a while :) I am definitely interested to see how your blog develops, I wonder what it will be like when you fall in love and go all domesticated? hehe

    , Hey Barb! So glad you felt the same way about memes, I was reluctant to write that at first, because I didn't want to offend people. That was not my intention at all. The 'memes' were just blog filler/fodder for me, when I just didn't need things like that on my blog. It stopped me from writing about things that I really cared about and I realised how shallow some the comments I got were and worse, how shallow the comments I was leaving for others. So happy you are still blogging and that we reconnected :)

    @Lisa, I think we have known each other for years now, in the blogging world. Before you were married and everything! You had just started taking pictures and now look at you! A superb wedding photographer, married and a super cute baby! Really excited to see where your photography takes you next!

    @Ade, I went back and read comments from my year three post, you wrote such a lovely comment then too! Except LOLing at my screenshots, was it that bad? haha! Thank god you never saw the very first incarnation, luckily the wayback machine doesn't travel that far back.

    I have borrowed a portable tattoo needle from a friend, so next time I see you, I WILL finish the job.

    @Max, oh the irrepressible flea ridden dog, that LIES! haha.

    @Dave, Thanks for wanting the stash so badly! :)

    @Crystal, Heya! Hmmm I think it might be two years? Or even longer!

    @Agit8r, That would not surprise me at all!

    @Mark, Well I was going to be a smart arse and pinpoint exactly how long we have blog known each other, but I can't bloody remember! I shall blame it on Fanton though, I am 'sure' it was something to do with him! I hope you will continue forever with your surreal and wickedly clever blog.

    @Evija, Thanks ever so much and thanks for letting me know how you found this blog, tis much appreciated.

  45. @NothingProfound: Hey I was pretty boring when I started blogging, well maybe not boring, but I wasn't really representing all the facets that a multifaceted being has :) As always you seek to make me blush with lovely words and great insight, which I appreciate a LOT.

    @James: You shall never know how spooky your BFG guess was, well maybe in the future you will! Cryptic I know, even though it was a wrong guess, its is VERY relevant to something else I am working on. I feel bad because I only caught up on blog reading this past week and discovered that one chapter of your blog life has closed, without me saying goodbye and well done. Your insight is simply amazing James, painful, oh so painful to read at times, because I am a rescuer and would LOVE to have a magic wand for my special friends. Anyhoo onwards and upwards with your other blog stuff, which is creative and inspiring, I still check out your haiku monsters and will definitely be using them as a source of reference in the future!

    @recycle cindy, Hey thanks for the comment fellow long time blogging survivor! I hope that we shall both continue to haunt the blog world for a long time yet.

    @Theresa/SKDD, Thanks for such a lovely. thoughtful comment. It has definitely been a fun ride so far and so nice that I have such wonderful company along the way. Although we are quite different in our ways of dealing with annoying/troublesome people on the wonderfully weird place that is BC, its great that we are also have a lot in common and that you have taken the time to see that I am a horse of many colours :)

    @Sci Fi Gene, Hey dude! Thanks for the great compliments about the doodles. To be honest I am surprised that I ever tried the paid blog posting in the first place, its a horridly boring soul destroying thing indeed!

    @Shybutterfly, Hello! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and for the lovely compliment about the doodles! Hopefully you come back again :)

    @PoshTotty, Hello! Long may you blog posh one and I am thinking of you and the little man! Hope he gets sorted before xmas and that you get your ears sorted out!

    @Caligrams, Hey thanks for that, but look around, no links to be seen anywhere.

    @Melinda, Oh a lovely thing to say Melindy. It's great to hear something like that, from a blogger like you. Someone who puts the heart and soul on their own blog for the world to see! I hope even when you get the book deal, that you will continue to blog! I also hope that one day, we will manage that meet up!

    @Danagib, Hey Dana! Hmmm I am not sure either, but its been quite a while now hasn't it? I shall indeed keep blogging, especially when I receive such wonderful comments like this :) Will update on the mumborg in the next post after typing out all these replies! :)

    @Jeremy from we took the bait, Hey dude, Wow that is a shit load of days.

    Thanks for popping over and leaving a comment, even though I was such a weirdo about the peeler! I hope you continue to read this here weblog of mine and that you continue to enjoy blogging :)

  46. @Funkkee! Hey Funky one, I hope you are well now that work season has kicked in? I bet the weather is a LOT nicer where you are? Thanks for always reading and always leaving such lovely and thoughtful comments :)

    @Brilliant Aether: Hello!! If you check my posts for this year, I have been crawling to, well in comparison to other years anyways. At least crawling is not completely stopping.

    I suppose I could have been entertaining before I realised it, but I think as the therapy training got more in-depth, I became a LOT more comfortable with my weirdness and posting about really emotional things. That is something I would have never done previously. You need to blog more and you most definitely need to toot that trumpet loudly and get flogging more of those amazing wares you create.

    @Redbearded one, Hello, hope you are well? I have been meaning to take a look at 'In Treatment' for a while now, thanks for the reminder!

    hello oh verbose one. I think it was the candied one that drew us together, but to be honest I can't actually remember what it was that made us click as such good blog chums??? You are right that I don't blog enough, even though I am quick to criticise people for blogging too much or not at all, so long may we BOTH blog! and long may we be very very good friends :)

    @Nicone, Hello! Much thanks for wandering over here. I do believe you are going to be my handy Norwegian blogger? Which is lucky because I am currently working on a Norwegian inspired doodle and shall eagerly await your opinion on it, once it is finished!

    @DailyBeer, Hey Rob thanks for wandering here without any incentive! I definitely get why you didn't/don't like BC,I am just a glutton for punishment I get and really hope they get over the current problems. It has been great for my blog over the years, so I do feel a certain loyalty to the place.

    Thanks for the comment about the artwork, its much appreciated, as you know I love messing about with photographs and doodles.

    I really do enjoy your blog, as I love beer and I think your blog just gets better and better. The thing that must be hard is the 'Daily' part, I just couldn't handle that type of blogging pressure, real or imaginary. Maybe just start being a Dailyish blogger, to ease the feelings of burnt out?

    Also I did laugh at ALL your attempts at guessing the book an kinda feel bad that you didn't guess correctly. Thanks for trying though! You get an A* for effort.

  47. @Klahanie: Hello thanks for taking the time to wander over here, much obliged for that. If you are leaving cookies, I shall most definitely provide you with coffee. I hope you wander back someday :)

    @deray! Hey lady thanks for the comment and the guess :)

    @Lord Likely, Hello my long time Moustached blogging chum! I am SO happy that you are at last doing well! Long may this run of fortune continue, so that you can live in the style that you are accustomed and have all the harlots you desire (can afford).

    @Pedro: BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @Salomey: Thanks dude! You need to blog on too!

    @Ellah Sun, Hello, Thanks for stopping on your blog stroll :) I have been tempted on numerous occasions to stop this blog and start another, but overall I am glad that I didn't. Hopefully you find a blog that you stay happy with :)

    @WG, Hello my special doodle wonder of a friend. I am definitely looking forward to your opinions on my future doodlings, almost as much as I look forward to your stuff. It seems that you have finally found that blog balance, well I think so anyways (I HOPE so).

    @Yoga! Hey my yogic wonder of a blog chum, have you been? I hope you are well?

    @Juliana, Hey dudette, Hope you are well? I think the thing I liked about you and your blog the most, was the sense that it was really 'you' typing those words. As you know this blogging voice and authenticity thing,is really important to me, especially when its a personal blog and your blogging under your real name. You inspire and encourage me Juliana! I hope that you continue to blog, write and doodle for a long long time, as people need someone like you.

    I also REALLY want some Tizer now, I haven't had any for bloody yonks!!!

  48. Okay there! I responded to all you wordy bastards, not that I am fucking ungrateful or anything like that.

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    The comments from people like all those above, are the ones that have inspired me to blog on this long, so once again THANKS

  49. Epic commenting on the comments! Kudos to you for being so polite to your dedicated bleaders - that's blog + readers in case you don't speak the Queen (Mimi's) English!

  50. @Lind: Jeebus Cripes woman! I just spent the last ten years of my life being all polite replying to these comments and then you add another one!!

    But as I love the term 'Bleaders' you are forgiven!

  51. Congrats on the 4 years! I can totally relate to a lot of what you wrote regarding your earlier phases....although I've been blogging for 6-7 years via xanga and myspace, I didn't create my url until a year and a half ago, and didn't start promoting it until a half year ago and in that half year, I can totally relate to some of your earlier experiences portrayed in the text/doodles. Cool stuff!

  52. So proud to have been a small part of this journey with you!! :)

    Congrats and happy Bloggoversary!

  53. What the hell? Only 53 comments?!!!!!!!????

    I hear ya, sistah. I had the same thoughts/experiences mostly as you did. And I am not victim to horrid comments, because really, the only people who even bother reading me are people I know personally or who I badger for months until they break down and put something on there. But as for getting lots of traffic, that doesn't happen so I don't get snotty stuff. However, I have heard very often about people whose blogs are popular getting lots of 'reaction' about something that's written on the blog, even though the blogger has a right to write whatever she wants and they don't have to read it.

    I'm on my second blog, too, but have been blogging about the same amount of time as you have. I had a love/hate with it due to trying to find my 'style', get over my fear of revealing too much, and also the problem with feeling like no one was reading it. But I eventually realized it's a great form of diary, and as long as Blogger doesn't crash, it will be there for reference if I need it. So. What the hell. Plus, it's way worth it overall, and quite a riot most of the time!

    Congrats to you! Your site is yummy fun.

  54. @Rico, hey dude! Hope fatherhood is suiting you well and that everyone is doing good? Kudos to you for blogging for so long and for making the decision to continue. I wonder what we will both be blogging about in another four years?

    @Tisha, So happy that I have met you along the way! :) :) :) :)

    @Parabolic Muse, well a lot are mine too lol.

    I do wonder why we torture ourselves so much when it comes to blogging, its not like we have to do it! You are so right about it being worth it overall and meeting cool people like yourself along the way is definitely a benefit.

  55. Thanks for posting this. As a recent new blogger myself I recognised many of the things you mentioned, especially trying to build up an initial readership.

    Love your doodles - they are amazing! x

  56. @neuroticnotes: Hey thanks for popping in! I definitely recommended doing a look back post every year, it is cool to see how much you change, even when you don't think you have! I think when you start out you almost have to stumble around looking for readers and finding your feet. After a while you become comfortable with what you want out of blogging.

    Thanks about the doodles, I have had a LOT of practice :) :)

    I will have a nose at your blog! :)