17 Nov 2010

Doodle Do

mum to be framed

The mumborg asked me to doodle something for her friends baby shower, so of course I obliged. Whilst we are on the subject of baby showers, when the heck did they become popular in the UK? I know they are the thing to do across the pond, but all of a sudden they have appeared on these fair shores. Not that I am complaining, it was much fun creating this doodle. I have provided a mini slideshow in case you wonder how I go about creating a doodle like you see above. Of course I didn't photograph all the hideous malformed deformed incarnations that where created in the process of finding that perfect final sketch....

From doodle sketch to finished in a frame

Mucho thanks for all the comments on my four years of blogging post, it was greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoyed the post? It's ruddy hard to summarise four years into one post, figuring out what has been useful and what has not, over the years. As I said in the post, there is no magical formula, just time, be yourself etc etc. If you didn't read the post (WTF!!!), then run to it at once! If you did read it and commented, then you will be ecstatic to know that I replied to ALL the comments, even if the shitty blogger/blogspot commenting system will be the death of me.

I will be doing another post about the doodle winners, when their doodles are ready! Which 'will' be before Christmas. I am off to Hamburg, Germany, end of this month for a visit with family. So things will be hectic before, during and after that trip!

Other Doodle projects.
1.Working on some international ladies for the translated posts on my 'Self Exam Doodles' site. Which I hope you have all checked out by now? (Why bloody not?).  So hopefully by this weekend you can have a sneak peek at the ladies, maybe even have a go at guessing what countries they represent. Hopefully I don't offend anyone with cultural stereotypes..Below is a selection of sketches for an idea for one of the ladies.

2. Chasing down a certain author so I can maybe possibly hopefully illustrate their poem, without getting into copyright shenanigans! If I can, that will be awesome! If not, then insert sad face here. I have now been in contact with the literary agent of the author and as the author does not use email, they are sending a carrier pigeon with the request. Fingers crossed!!

Other notes: In regards to the mumborg, still no news on the brain tumour yet, find out more at the end of the month, when she sees the relevant specialists. For now she is well and I appreciate, as always, the well wishes and concerns.


  1. I just love that doodle! It looks like my Gladys, who is in her last trimester. big hugs to Mumborg. Hope they can get to the bottom of this tumor thingy and eradicate it.

    See ya at our daily coffee klatch. :-)

  2. Wooohooo for doodle projects :D! May there be many more!

    I totally forgot to say that I loooove what you've written on the Mum to be illustration. Seee what I did there ;)

    Keeping fingers crossed for your Mum!

  3. Love your doodle, as always! I do hope you can iron out the copyright issues. You'd think any published author would love to have their work illustrated so I'm betting that goes well.

    Saying a prayer and sending big hugs to Mumborg. Brain tumors suck.

  4. I viewed the slideshow progress report on your other blog and really enjoyed it. The doodle is wonderful. I'm sure the Mom to be will be delighted with it. Good luck with the famous anonymous author, hope he feels flattered as he should. Sending all my best wishes to your Mom, and like everyone else hoping that the test results will weigh in in her favor.

  5. Ugh- I didn't know about the Mumborg's brain tumor, and I feel terrible I didn't until now-- fer Pete's sake, this poor woman has been through entirely too much. (And you, as well!) Hang in there.

    The doodles are charming, as always.

  6. I do believe I've seen that beginning to end process before with my former resident artist and her endeavors (or endeavours for those of you on that side of the Atlantic!). It really is quite the undertaking to go from an idea to a finished project but you've done that remarkably with one of you "Yep, that's most definitely drawn by Claire!" doodles. Very nice, indeed!

    Do keep us posted on the Mumborg; I hope that all goes well for her through the hectic holidays. Plenty of time to deal with this sort of thing in the blah days that follow.

  7. Make that one of "your" and not one of "you" up there -- damned fingers don't seem to work right most of the times these days!

  8. you know what I am thinking, your reminding me of Beatrice Potter... she used to hang in her room drawing Peter Rabbit doodles.... could this be your future young lady?

  9. Blessings to the Mumborg... She Rocks ya know...

  10. @Lois Oh congradubloodylations to Gladys (and you)! I hope she doing well?

    Hopefully this time next week I will no more about the mumborg.

    /puts a pot of coffee on

    @TJ, I am glad you liked it, I looked around for a special quote and that just stuck out. I may be being a complete moron, but I don't see what you did there! Am I being particularly stupid?

    @Barb, Hey Barbarella hope you are well? I am glad you like this doodle, I am rather pleased with her myself. In regards to the author dilemma, I am allowed to do it, but I can't blog about it, as that would not be covered by the permission I got.

    @NP, Hey Mr NP, thanks for the two comments, I totally forgot to reply to the other one, how bloody rude of me! It was lovely too :)

    The mum to be absolutely loved it, I am getting them to send me photograph of it up on the wall.

    In regards to the author, they were most flattered indeed and are allowing me to use the poem for what I wanted. They have had issues with a lot of people using for other purposes, so I can use it, just not blog about it. Which is a shame, as I LOVE sharing my doodle projects on here and getting opinions, but oh well.

    Thanks for the mum best wishes!

    @Jenn, Hey dude don't worry about that! I tend to presume certain people know about my latest updates and then realise I haven't actually told them, so my bad! and you have MORE than enough to wrestle with at the moment. Thank you for your compliments, encouragements and well wishes, it is as always, very much appreciated.

    @Liou, interesting indeed???

    @Linda, I have loved seeing Amanda's progress and watching her talent grow, I really am excited to see what she gets up to in the future. So getting a compliment from you, after seeing her stuff, is a great thing indeed!

    I will keep you posted about the mumborg xxxxx

    @Callie, Hey dude! What a compliment, I would love to be the modern Miss Potter, that would be very cool indeed. I was watching Julie/Julia film the other day and thinking about bloggers becoming famous. Maybe I could tackle a Potter project and take over the world! :)

    You rock too xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Maybe it'd be fun if I get you to doodle a photo of my three munchkins!! Since you're famous and all...

  12. Love your doodle, as always! I do hope you can iron out the copyright issues

  13. OH MY HEAVENTY SAKES! Four years!! I'm going to read that post right now, because, WTF, I haven't read it! I've been so awfully busy I haven't gotten around the blogs much, but I really look fwd now to catching up and making a dozen comments. Love this slideshow and your doodling action. I'm way into doodling right now.

  14. @Tisha, if I ever catch up on my backlog then I will for sure! Cash bribes help! haha :)

    @Giraffe, you are uber polite, even though I detect a whiff of spam all around you.

    @Parabolic Muse, Hey I love your comments whenever you leave them, I am a rather sporadic blogger, so you can definitely be a sporadic commenter :) :) I need to catch up your blog!