22 Dec 2010

Happy Grumpus

Tis the Grumpus trying to look happy
He paints his fur red, it looks rather crappy
Then he sticks buttons upon his chest,
after all this exertion, he needs a bloody rest.
Let Christmas be over, make it snappy!

Happy Grumpus

Christmas is just another day to me, with added food. I am a Happy Grumpus indeed, when it comes to this special day. Hate would be far too strong a word to describe my feelings for the day, I am just indifferent to it. My recipe for avoiding Christmas misery is, don't buy presents you can't afford, don't see people you don't like and stay in your pyjamas.

Do what you can to enjoy the day, or at least get through it!

Happy Grumpus to you all!

Edited to add... Creating the Happy Grumpus:


  1. Happy Grumpus Dude ... I maybe spending my Christmas day in my PJs if the familie are still stranded in Southport ... Have a cool Yule and try and not be too Grumpus mwah xx

  2. I'm responding to your BC Broadcast but as you don't Follow me at BC I can't send you one in return. SNAP!

    Ha! ha! I enjoyed this doodle and the sentient too Claire. We don't celebrate Christmas and haven't done so for over 30 years now. We celebrate Winter Solstice with friends and then enjoy visiting with family and friends throughout the season of fa - la - la!

    Best wishes for a creative holiday season.

  3. Indifference pretty much sums it up for me. Happy Grumpus Day!

  4. This is an amusing picture to view.

    Looks fun.

  5. Back atcha... glad you found the sprouts...

  6. I've been contemplating taking a tiny vacation every other year for Christmas so that I don't feel rushed. I haven't taken any further steps beyond contemplation, but I rather like the idea of being in a far away place as everyone else hustles and bustles from one end of Los Angeles to the next. Happy holidays from one Grumpus to another!

  7. I think I'm going to subscribe to the Grumpus theory of the holiday next year and escape to someplace secluded with a good book and several alcoholic beverages to keep me company. Want to go with me??

  8. I agree wholeheartedly and I think Grumpus is a great term for those of us who are a bit ambivalent to the day.

    Better than a 'terrible, vicious Grinch' which someone emailed to call me after my blog post yesterday! :)

    Happy Grumpus Day to you!

  9. This is a different kind of year for me ... Thinking of ways to excuse myself and keep the PJ's on. :D

  10. Can I stay in someone else's pyjamas?

  11. Sounds like someone needs some eggnog while watching It's A Wonderful Life.

    Without Christmas we wouldn't have Die Hard or Gremlins & the Queen wouldn't have an excuse to get dressed up once a year.

  12. Happy Grumpus Day indeed ^_^! When I was younger it was different and you got presents and you played around, no worries. Lately I don't rally care. I rather spend the day how I want to spend it haha...sooo stay in your PJ's and turn the music on!!

    *leaves cookies & twirls away*

    Talk to ya later!

  13. Happy Grumpus Day to you!

    (I was going to post that yesterday, but somehow because Grumpus Day fell on a Wednesday (Hump Day) it just didn't seem right!~)

  14. I'm no fan of Christmas either.

  15. Happy Krampusmas, Grumpusmas, Jesusmas... oh, forget it. Happy Clairemas!

    However you choose to spend it, may it be a lovely day with lots of lovey things. Have fun and all hail you marvellous Grumpus! :)

  16. Excellent advice :) Happy Grumpus!

  17. I'll have to admit that I'm not in a very festive mood this year either. I didn't even decorate and that is so unlike me. I liked Linda's idea about the book and some adult beverages. Excellent idea.

    Have a terrific day Happy Grumpus. :)

  18. Hi Happy Grumpus & Thanks for the explanation.:-))
    A warmest hug wrapped up with all my love. Be blessed and stay cool! <3


  19. LOL Happy to be spammed by you. Your blog is always fun to read

  20. Yes liking this particular Blog because this day which used to be a festive time for family and friends has turned into a laughable PR and commercial excersise just hate it.

    Can't stand the way adverstising impinges on parental rights from as early as October the bloody adverts start bombarding children and eventually the parents get it in the neck so I would have to agree with you that it's becoming a Happy Grumpus Day....

  21. I love the holidays. Still, I love your Christmas 'recipe.' I love pajama days! Hopefully, you had an enjoyable day for you. Cheers!

  22. @70steen, What a shame they were stranded! All the snow has gone for now here. It was a cool yule, nice and quiet, just what the grumpus ordered.

    @TT, Snap indeedly :) It seems that most of us have had that power removed! boo. Hope you had a great time, sounds like you have the right idea!

    @NP, Happy Grumpus day indeed sir, I hope you managed an entirely indifferent day.

    @Roentarre, Thanks! It was a lot of fun to doodle :)

    @Lois, Thanks missus, the sprouts ended up being horrid though! Thank goodness for the cabbage.

    @Lovy, That sounds like a wonderful plan! I think this time of year should be used for more selfish purposes, because we deserve it :)

    @Linda, Absobloodylutely! Sounds like a wonderful plan to me. Extra fluffy pj's and robes all round.

    @Tricia, Hey I am glad that I have a healthy grumpus support group that subscribe to my blog. We should all meet up one xmas and get drunk :) I don't subsribe to the jesus birth malarkey, so its just another day to me.

    @skdd, Oh how is it different! Hope you managed a PJ day!

    @Daddy P, Well if they let you, I don't see why not :)

    @TJ, I think even as a child I was a grumpus ha! I ususally do what I like, the thing I don't like is seeing people that I like/love running round making themselves miserable for just one silly day. If doing all the mad xmas stuff makes people happy, then they should do it, but I shall always want to stay in pj's :)

    @Hart, hey dude! Thank you for saving it once you had gotten over the humP :) :), Another one! Grab a robe and fluffy pj's :)

    @James, Hey dude! I LOL'd at jesusmas :) Hope you had a bearable time!

    @Drowsey, Hey missus! Raises a pint of Baileys in your honour :) :) :)

    @Sandee, Oh I hope nothing is amiss that has led to this feeling? Maybe you can celebrate extra hard when you are on your cruise, surrounded by cool people!

    @Dyeve, Hello! Hope you are well? not seen you about in cyberworld lately?

    @Wild Animal, How right you are :)

    @Roentarre, Thanks muchly!!!

    @Chilledleo, Well that wasn't a very chilled response, ha! But I agree with your sentiments :) Thanks for popping in :)

    @Janene, get back evil christmas lover! hehe. It was indeed an enjoyable for me and I hope you had a great on yourself?

  23. I pretty much hibernated over Christmas. But I avoided going to sleep in the snow because I'm not a bear. Or a hedgehog (I hope our visiting hedgehog is okay).

    Does your Grumpus ever confuse his tusks with his horns?

  24. @Val, sounds like my type of Christmas, no sleeping in the snow for me either, I am not quite hairy enough.

    Hope hedgehog is okay!

    The question confused Grumpus, which is easy to do, so he is staring at himself in the mirror thinking about it.

  25. @Claire

    I love Grumpus! You'd wall-posted me about him about 10 months back on my Blogcatalog profile - but i hardly ever used that site, and i just revisited it today, because i started off two blogs recently.

    Do check them out!