31 Dec 2010

Grumpus and The Slanket of Doom

If a depression can be like a blanket, what the fuck is like a slanket?
Grumpus and The Slanket of Doom
Poor Grumpus doesn't know just how evil a slanket really is.....

Hey kids/adults/beasts/inbetweeners hope you all had an average, or better than average, festive time? If you didn't guess by the title or the doodle, I got a slanket. It was meant to be a joke, because apparently I complain about being cold a lot (I don't!). I would like to say that I threw the hideous thing across the room in a rage, but soon I was wrapped up in its warm snuggliness and hiding chocolates in the ever so useful and convenient pocket. I could even have it covering my legs right now, like a Nana blanket...

Quick shoot me!

All in all, I had a nice christmas, it was quiet and I didn't see many people. Plus I horrified my dad by doing the annoying orange impression over skpe with my sister. It wasn't a proud look that he gave us, ha!

What is the most annoying sound? My impression started at 0:40 in the video.

Hey Apple!

It's called the Annoying Orange for a reason, how we laughed and laughed.

/crawls back into the cave (under the slanket) till that evil thing called NYE is over.

PS: Only resolution will be NO FUCKING RESOLUTIONS! Why start the year with a list of things to disappoint yourself, don't do it. Just try to do the things that make you happy and avoid the things/people that make you mad/sad.

PPS: I need your favourite love poems and quotes, give them to me! You may get something from me, if I am pleased with your offerings (not something that is treated by antibiotics). Anti love/valentines stuff is more than acceptable too!

PPPS: Happy New Year and all that bollocks, lots of doodles heading this way very soon!


  1. hahahahahahah you got me laughing so hard!!!

  2. I want a slanket!

    As for love poems, I have only one line from The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje.

    'The heart is an organ of fire.'

    Happy new year :)

  3. ok, so I'm watching the video and hubby says, "what's that? It's annoying..." yep... right.

  4. Holy crap! That totally freaked me out.

  5. I am guessing your slanket is like our famous snuggies?

    My favorite poems about love and lost love are anything by JAVAN. Google him. He's not real famous and his books seem self published paperback styles. But I have them, and they got me through a lot of tough times. Happy new year!

  6. Happy New Year Claire! Lovely doodles and stories as always. I love the Grumpus and one day I'll invest in one (rock stars wear them so they're cool. See here... )

    Right on with the 'No Resolution' stuff and as for love rhymes, my favourites all appear to be sick and inappropriate lyrics from rock songs. Hurm.

    Ah well. Good things and positivity for 2011! :D

  7. Cutie Grumpus :D

    Aaaah the Annoying Orange! Ilaya introduced me to it a while back. I love the one with the tomato hehe.

    I can totally imagine you doing that impression hahaha!


    Wishing you a Bubblicious & Awesomely Creative 2011! Xxxx

  8. Great... my first video of 2011, and it's of talking fruit. All your fault, and none of my own.

    Maybe it would have been better if Orange's last line read, "Hey Claire!!!" instead. Just a thought.

    Now who's the Grumpus?

    Happy New Year all...

  9. I'm kind of creeped out by any fruit that has a face and can actually talk.

    Even more so, when I cut into them and they scream.

    Actually, I would probably find that funny myself. I wonder how the orange is going to feel, when he gets peeled?

  10. Okay, I'm going to try leaving a comment again being that the epic one that I left yesterday ended up sliding around somewhere in the electronic universe. Anyhow, what I think I said ...

    Spoken like the true sentimental Brit that you are when it comes to ringing in the new year and all of this holiday hubbub! I stopped making resolutions years ago except for the very one that you yourself made. I've been keeping it quite successfully, too! I'm sure you'll do the same!

    Of course, the one resolution that you should have made would be to get your cheeky cheeks back over to this side of the world again in 2011. That's a resolution that I could definitely get behind and totally support!

    Ah well, may the coming year bring you all that you desire and a good part of that which you don't. After all, we have to take the bad along with the good just to keep things in perspective, right??

  11. Just dropping by to wish you a Happy New Year! Enjoy that (EVIL) slanket! I got one last year and never use it. Seems I never get to sit still long enough to enjoy it. But, I never thought of hiding chocolates in it!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmm....

    (digging through the closet...)

  12. How annoying is that clip.. lol .. Okay Love poems .... 'Love is a Sickness' Samuel Daniel 1562-1619..and 'Why?' by Mary Webb 1881- 1927
    HNY & all that Bollocks to you too dude x

  13. Haha, I got one of those too, but I actually really appreciated it as it's been so freezing here (and useage of handy chocolate pocket). I am back blogging, yes really...

    Needing something to make me happy at the moment, and your Grumpus helped ;)

  14. @Callie, I am still laughing now,
    I think I was born to be the annoying orange :)

    @Jessica, A dressing gown is better, honest! One with a hood.
    Oh I love that line from the poem, even though I didn't like the film (not read the book)
    /adds to list.

    Happy New year to yourself!

    @Lois: My job is done! :)

    @Drowsey: My job is really done now!! hahaha

    @Lisa: You guess right!
    I google the Javan dude, I like some a lot:
    "~For a few moments in my life, you made me feel as if I truly meant Something to Someone.."
    Thanks for that! and Happy New Year to you and yours :)

    @James: Happy New Yer Sir James!
    As I said above, I really love dressing gowns with hoods, that dudette in the header is really me in mine :)
    Slankets are just a pain really lol

    My resolution is to be happier or try to be.

    Hurm indeed! Got ant particular faves? Like a bat out of hell?

    @TJ: None of that cutey Grumpus nonsense! snarghh!

    My nephew said the annoying orange was old news, but I still love it :)

    Wishing you the same and more xxx

    @Bill: Hey Bill! Hey Bill! Hey Bill! Hey Bill! Happy New Year :)

    @Phoenix: I don't think the Orange would find it very, what for it, APEELING :)

    @Linda: Hooray for coming back and leaving a comment, even after the death of the epic one .

    I can't help being this sentimental, tis in me bones and I am resolute about coming across the pond,
    just not sure when! Lottery win anyone? :)

    Definitely take the rough with the smooth, the highs with the lows an all that.

    @Tisha (CWM): Happy New Year!! I think the kids and/or dog would prefer it more and the pocket
    isn't really big enough for a good stash :) :)

    @70steen: Is annoyingly funny to me :) Oh I shall have a look at those poems forthwith! Thanks dude.
    HNY to you and to DEFINITELY meeting up for a Woo Woo or ten :)

    @Alison: Ohh I can see how its useful when its bloody freezing! Oh back blogging! /runs over to blog

    Not liking the idea that you are sad, but glad the Grumpus could help!


  15. I am not good at romantic lines. If a bloke ever said anything mushy i would just crack up into giggles.
    However, I do remember one particular line simply becasue it was so revolting. It was in the 70's and i was shimmying away at some disco with my mates and this older guy came shimmying alongside. He leaned in closer and said:
    "If you were a waffle, I would like to be the cream that filled all your holes"

    Ugh! Ugh! and double ugh!

  16. @Silvia I have doubts about your sincerity

    @Juliana Jeebus cripes! What a bloody awful chat up line, thank god you didn't finish that story with "Reader I married him" HA!

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