26 Jan 2011

Doodle Adventure

For my EPIC four years of blogging post back in November ' I am a Tetradite Blogger' I ran a doodletrific competition, which consisted of just leaving a comment on the post. Then at an allotted time I would pick a winner using a random number generator.... (number was assigned in relevance to number of comments)

Number six was..... Mr Adebond.

In an effort to add more fun (get MOAR comments) I added a second chance to win a doodle, by providing this awesome clue/question:

What is the work of fiction that I have read the most?
Apparently that was far too hard a question, so I added an extra cryptic clue.

Clue = Jaundiced Ed Ripper (first correct comment wins). 

Mr P3dro quickly swooped in and unscrambled the anagram into... Pride and Prejudice, yes I really have read that book a LOT... ummm britches.

Now onto the prizes! I didn't want to doodle any old thing, so I had Mr Adebond and Mr P3dro pick from these:
1. Dragon or Troll?

2. Clothes or Naked?

3. Mermaid or Unicorn?

4. Castle or Boat?

5. Sun or Moon?
After their selections, I stalked looked at their blogs, flickr and twitter streams, to get an idea of what I wanted to draw.

Adebond choices were: Troll, Naked, Unicorn, Boat and Moon
Ahoy, Matey!
If you look at the 'troll' you will see the first incarnation of my Grumpus character, after I doodled this piece, I loved that character so much, I decided to evolve him into something hairier and grumpier.

P3dro choices were: Dragon, clothed, unicorn, castle, moon.
Peter and the Dragon (plus unicorn)

Bonus time, Mr Adebond took a beautiful photograph of his daughter, when she was a Flower Girl, I loved the picture so much that I decided to draw her as a little Flower Fairy and give it to Mr Adebond as a surprise.
Scan of Flower Fairy

I had a MAHOOSIVE amount of fun doing these doodles and had the pleasure of meeting the guys yesterday to hand them over. It is great having such cool and creative people that live relatively nearby. It just goes to show how effective a tool Twitter really is, if you use it with an open mind. You can connect to all sorts of cool people, that may live round the corner or thousands of miles away. Alison, Adebond and P3dro are just a few of the very cool people that I have connected with over there.

Now ye gang o bastards, if you like my doodle style and would love to win a doodle of your very own, then get your arse over to my Self Exam Doodles Facebook Page, you have a chance every Friday! Once a week Tahira Lubrano and myself take turns to doodle something for someone who has 'liked' the page, this week it is my turn.


  1. Yay!! I just LOVE to see how the illos came to live :D. You did such an awesome job on all of them!!

    When I first made a twitter account, I seriously questioned why I did it, but after a while it became interesting and more fun to use! Twitter really is a great way to stay in touch with lots of people and update everyone with your work or upload sneak peeks of doodles ^_^. I like tweeting sneak peeks of doodles. I need to tweet more though haha!!

    I'm working on the first self exam doodle winner!! Still in my head though, but I will show you a sketch soon!!

  2. Yay, thankyouthankyouthankyou for the doodles. Isobel absolutely adores them too & can't wait for me to put them on her bedroom wall.

  3. I love to watch the creative process. You join the inchie challenge on my creative blogand see if you can doodle the keyword within one square inch. It's a challenge!

    The flower girl doodle is just too precious! I love it!

  4. Wonderful Doodles. Must get into the Friday boob feeling habit.

  5. Congratulations to the winners! A trophy well worth hanging on one's wall.

  6. @TJ: I know for some people Twitter is just another thing to hate, but for me it is nice to have background chatter that you can delve into when feel like sharing whatever random doodle or thought that you think of! I think its perfect for sharing little sneak peeks of doodles, especially when you are painting away and need a short break!

    @Adebond: LOVE that Isobel loves them, children are the best critics when it comes to doodles! I had so much fun doodling them, so thanks for playing along and being such a cool tweet and blog chum :)

    @Matt Thomas: Thanks dude! I can't wait to have a doodle meeting with you!

    @Lois: So glad you enjoy seeing the process, I really enjoy seeing the whole thing come together, so it is nice to share how I got there!

    @Jamie: You must! Well actually boob feeling should happen every day :)

    @NP: Thanks muchly kind sir! :)

  7. Great drawrings!

    And I'm pretty sure that your list of 5 questions is the same list I gave a date last week.

    Different context, I suppose.

  8. @Caleb: Thanks muchly :) Do I want to know how the questions were received by your date?