5 Feb 2011

Dusting off the photo editing machine

Lighthouse layered

Not played with lightroom, or any type of photo editing, since I finished my younger sisters wedding photographs back in October. People have persisted in annoying me by taking marvellous photographs and reminding me that I don't have a camera. Well that is not technically true, I do have my point and shoot, which was a great beast in its day. Unfortunately that day has run out and its heading towards being a knackered piece of crap! People really should respect the fact that I am jealous as hell and refrain from photographing anything, but people just don't have manners these days.

Now the other wretched sister has decided to get married! So I need to brush up on my haphazard photography skills. I shall only be a shadow photographer this time, lurking in the dark shadows ready to snap unsuspecting wedding guests... Mwhahahaha! Oops don't know what happened then.

Anyhoo here are a few photographs I never got around to editing when I was up in Scotland. Which I have now edited. Does that even make sense?
Lighthouse Layers

The rest are HERE

Edited note: Especially for Linda.. I was lazy and forgot (couldn't be arsed remembering) what the ruddy lighthouse was called. After a quick google ponder, I suddenly recalled that it was Chanonry Point Lighthouse. No need to go on those dolphin watching boat tours, you can simply bring your bins and sit on the beach to see some excellent dolphin action.

Photography link of win: For those that like adding layer upon on layer to distress, alter, add wizardry to your images, then you may just like this site: My 2econd Skin

Don't be sad about the lack of doodles in this post, I shall be posting a MAHOOSIVE amount in a few days or so!

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  1. I've never tried photo editing beyond making them jpeg files that aren't too massive in size. I like what you did with the lighthouse.

  2. I can totally picture you hiding in the bushes with a camera, scaring people by jumping and saying 'CHEESE' *flash*. I think the picture are going to be lovely ^_^.

    I love the layers you used! Especially the black & white one, feels magical.

    I love your evil laugh! Even though you scare me from time to time.


  3. Is that a lighthouse? You know how much I love a nice lighthouse! Of course, you also know how much I DON'T love photo-editing programs that are more complicated than crop and straighten so that should make up for the fact that I have a totally brilliant camera and you have a knackered point and shoot. Mwhahahaha! right back at ya, dearie!

    On a more serious note, I think you're going to be an excellent second camera person and no doubt your pictures are going to be so much better than the primary shooter - you've probably got loads more imagination and that counts loads no matter what kind of camera you're using!

  4. You dont need to be jealous of me, I can only point and shoot. Love what you have created with your pictures

  5. Yah i also love playing with photos....

  6. Wow, very interesting shooting angle. Very nice pics. I've not been taking many photos of late and kinda rusty with the manual settings. Need to brush up too for my trip to Hong Kong in 2 weeks' time.

  7. I like the lower photo - in black and white (with the cute curly bits on the outside) it looks kind of mysterious.
    My camera is also crap, but I can't afford a new one yet. Well, that's my excuse anyway...

  8. They are spectacular, and I couldn't help feeling like I was one of the ones you wanted to stop shooting and rubbing your nose in it. lol. I am sorry, just can't do it. In fact I have to take my picture of the day shot yet tonight. Its 8pm already and I have no clue what to do...

    Love the textures, heading off to that website you mentioned right now, thanks for sharing!

  9. Claire-You have a way of making even the most peaceful scenes look ominous. In the color photo, the clouds look so menacing, as if a terrible storm is brewing, about to engulf everything below. The sign is so perfect, warning of the possible danger.

    And what's with those sisters of yours, is there some sort of virus going round? The marriage flu? I hope you remembered to get your booster shots this year. It can strike even the most diehard anti-spousal types. I ought to know-it got me.

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  11. Thanks as always for the comments! I am running way behind in mega doodle project so will catch up with comments SOON!


  12. @Laura, Never! Is it not something that interests you? or just never attempted it?

    I recommend for something easy to play with and you don't have to download anything. I also use it to edit doodles too.

    @TJ: I think I will just be hiding in the bushes, no jumping out! and definitely not saying cheese, haha.

    Yes I do think the b/w swirly one is kinda magical, not to everyone's taste, but I like it.

    Moi scary? mwhahahahahaha :)

    @Linda, Yes it is a Lighthouse, I edited the post and added extra information just for you, if you ever come back and read it. I should probably tell... /runs off.

    Okay I will take your camera, if you really want me to. That is what you meant? right? hehe.

    I am looking forward to being 2nd shooter, especially as the photographer Jemma has picked seems really cool and hopefully I will learn some cool stuff too.

    @Cheeky, Hello! Point and shooting is a good start. Wait! This is a camera we are talking about? :)

    @Durga: Suspicious.

    @Jean'Luc; Thanks muchly.

    @Wenny: Hello! Ooohh I am still frightened of the manual settings, which is probably why I like using editing programs to improve the raw images. Hope you get some awesome shots in Hong Kong.

    @Val, Oh another vote for b/w swirly one! Will have to remember this. I love your bag lady from the post on the 11th of Feb, just thought I would mention that whilst I remember.

    Have a play with, a free photoediting program to improve any pics that you are not happy with, its a good starting point.

    @Lisa, Thanks dude! You are in fact one of many that have been annoying me, in a good way. It has reminded that I am getting outside enough as well as missing the photographs, I am missing the fresh air!

    The textures is just something that I love to play with, I think you started that off. I know some people hate them and prefer 'pure' images, but for me they add something special. Also they can 'fix' some bloody awful shots, hehe!

    Keep on photographing things!

    @NP: There is something about the bigness of clouds that I do find ominous and photographing them is the nearest I can get to actually capturing that feeling. The power of nature is a beautiful, yet dangerous thing.

    Thanks for reminding me! I need that marriage flu booster! I really hope its not contagious.