8 Jan 2011

Pain in the neck

Pain in the neck - Scanned

Things are rather busy here at doodle central, which I will explain further in a near future post. In my last waffling's 'Grumpus and The Slanket of Doom', I asked for favourite love quotes/poems/sayings etc. These are being used for an ongoing doodle project, which will also become clearer in that near future post. Anyhoo I also asked my Twitter chums for their input on what type of Valentines cards they like, which is a question I should have also posed here. So feel free to leave me some input in yonder comment box!

In the comments on the last post, the quote suggestions I received where great! But it's interesting when I posed the question differently on Twitter and mentioned Valentines cards, the responses veered away from romance and headed straight towards funny, sarcastic, cheeky and a little bit naughty (a lot naughty in some cases).

I received several ideas, but the one that I decided to work on first, is called 'Pain in the neck', inspired by Mr @deftnetmedia. He likes the funnier romantic side of Valentines and for some reason pictured dinosaurs with their necks intertwined.

I like funny romantic cards. Two dinosaurs spring to mind.
Veggie with long necks intertwined

Sometimes ideas or suggestions work straight away for me and immediately I see the doodle in my head, other ideas take a lot more thought and research. This dinosaur one was the former, rather than the latter and this is the doodle slide show of how it was created:
If it were a Valentines card it would say:  
You may be a pain in the neck, but I'd go extinct with you.
Q: What's as big as a dinosaur but weighs nothing? 
A: Her shadow!

So Dear Readers, what valentines cards do you buy or like to receive? Or does the thought of Valentines make you want to stab yourself in the eye?

PS: Yes I know it's early to be mentioning Valentines, but get over it, I am going to be posting a LOT more Valentines related doodles and annoy you as much as the early over merchandising shops! Hahahahahaha (Please come back!)


  1. Happy New year (and merry xmas come to that!)... life has been manic for some weeks but is now settling down again and I am trying to catch up with my blogging activities.

    Valentines cards... the Nuns ruined them for me for ever. I am a cradle catholic and as a child in the sixties, nuns featured largely. For our storytime, they used to read to us from 'The Lives of the Saints'. Not a single one of them had a peaceful death - in fact it seems to be a pre-requisite of cannonisation to endure a prolonged and grisly end before you even get on the waiting list for consideration.
    Anyhow, back to St Valentines.... I was at an all girls snooty school and fraternisation with the boys snooty school was firmly prohibited (ah forbidden pleasures..) so every February we would get the life and times of St Valentine who met a spectacular demise on the sharp end of a crossbow.
    So, yes, I have always received valentine cards (well maybe one or two a year) but no matter what they are, as soon as I open them I see Sister Ursula and the painting she used to show of us of St Valentine - reminding us the only pure love is that of God and the Holy Spirit and the sending of valentines is for heathens and a sin. Humpf.

    So.... you could always help me to exorcise my ukky memory and make St Valentine an altogether more cuddly sort of a Saint.... perhaps he could be riding one of your dinosaurs merrily into a tunnel of love!

  2. I looove the picture before the final picture. Just to see the doodle amongst the paper, paint is just awesome - makes me wanna draw even more now haha!

    As for Valentine cards. Most of the time I find Valentine too commercial & mushy. and all the red & pink hearts, chocolate makes me wanna run around in circles. So no uber love poems and things like that for me please! (I suggest you make some notes for our next anniversary hehehe). I like cards that make me laugh and that aren't predictable with those standard images & text.

    You know, ms. Juliana's comment sounds like a story!

    Can't wait to read next post!

  3. I like to receive Valentine Cards, but a funny and filthy one doesn't appear serious, whichj are the onlky sort worth having.

  4. I hate Valentine's. I have never had a real good one. When I had a BF, in College, we broke up on Valentine's day! But I love the doodle though!

  5. Nice Valentine's card

    I like checking out your doodles now and again!

  6. I like funny cards because I like to smmile and laugh. Sappy ones make me cry. I love the extinct comment... too funny. I'd buy it.

  7. I like all homemade cards. It doesn't matter to me if the are romantic, or funny cards. What matters is that someone cared enough to make me one.

    It would be cool to see you do comedic Valentines's take-off on the snake in the Garden of Eden giving Eve her Valentine. :P

  8. Love the meteors in the background! I love Valentine's Day cards that are funny and/or clever. Save the romance for later. ;)

  9. Your dinosaurs are Elvis and Marilyn Monroe? :)

  10. Though I have no use for Valentine's Day myself, it seems like a pleasant enough diversion. It's always nice to tell someone you love them, even if you don't mean it. So receiving a Valentine's card from you would be a double delight: one, because I love your doodles; and two, because I know...YOU DON'T MEAN IT.

    "Roses are red,
    Violets are blue;
    Today's Valentine's Day,
    And I don't love you."-

    Happy New Year!

  11. Me and mine make one for each other (a valentine's card, that is. Though I could easily have meant a tricycle or a vat of red paint. But I didn't.)

    These days mine are made on the computer in my usual way (see art bit of blog) a few days before, sparing no effort and with lots of love. His are made for me exceedingly quickly as he hears me get up in the late morning/early afternoon or whatever time I get up, usually between the first dash to the bathroom and the stomp downstairs towards the kettle. His also, made with lots of love (sounds messy, doesn't it? It's not, the ink dries ever so quickly..)

    Anyway, a belated 'hello' (or 'hallo' if you prefer that spelling). I put your blog in my feedreader recently via someone who was via someone else (but can't remember quite who) and I'm enjoying it. Your blog, I mean.

  12. Hi Claire,
    Cute dino♥ doodle!
    --I liked the slideshow also =)

  13. @Juliana, Your comment amused, inspired and horrified me, great job!

    You have gave me some absolutely cracking ideas, so I really hope I can do them doodle justice.

    @Tahira/TJ, I didn't think it was possible to make you draw more, so that is cool! hehe

    /makes notes for anniversary, realises she has forgotten anniversary date! Panics!

    Juliana's comment was epic!

    @Jean-Luc, I think we shall have to agree to disagree on that one.

    @Deray, wow that was a cheery comment... Miserable sod! JAJAJAJAJAJAJA :)

    @Barry: WTH? What is with this 'now and then' nonsense? Shocking behaviour!

    @Lois, Hmm I thought you would like a little bit of soppy? Sold!

    @Timethief, I think handmade cards are awesome :) I love your suggestion! Like Julia's idea, I hope I can do this one justice, much obliged :)

    @Janene, Thanks for the meteor love, I think they are my favourite part of the doodle. Another great bit of input, thanks for that.

    @NP: Ha! That truly made me laugh, you are a funny sod. I would love to give that card to someone, just to see their face.

    @Tricia: Thanks dude :) :) and for suggestions/comments on BC. You are right about handmade cards being different and it is not just reserved for one day a year, should be able to give someone a love notee/card any time.

    @Val: Hey Val, I am glad you clarified that you meant a card and not a tricycle or vat of red paint, it is easy to get confused in times like this.

    Checked out blog, added it my reader and liked what I saw :)

    I loved your comment about the different approaches to making the cards, both lovely :)

    Hello, Yo, Hey you! Anything works for me and I think the blog link is Time Thief? Thanks for taking the time to have a look around and comment :)

  14., oh you sneaked in whilst I was doing my epic reply! how naughty :)