26 Jun 2011

Doodlinations and all that

Car driving Duck

Worry ye not, I have not actually died or even worse than death, stopped blogging. The lack of blogging has been a mixture of things:
  1. Doodle Madness, as one will see further down this web like page.
  2. Sister 1 got wed on Thursday, with all the family shenanigans and obligatory running round like headless chickens.
  3. PC died! Okay it didn't actually die, but it was very poorly sick and had to go away to the pooter shop.

What is happening in the world of The Doodologist?
Things are going very well in the world of The Doodologist and I have had some great commissions already! You have previously seen 'Lady Jean' mentioned in the last post Reasons to be a Grumpus. I thought I would update you on the latest finished pieces.

Web Ducks
The Brief: Create some large headed cute ducks for 'avatar/profile picture' use. The original paintings are then to be donated to charity. More on these little ducks in the very near future!
Railway Duck

Creating Camelot
The Brief: Create a doodle that can be used as a teaching aid, the theme is 'King Arthur', with a few hints of England thrown in.

camelot 2

18 years of memories
The Brief: Create a doodle piece that encapsulates the personality of the doodle recipient and some of their special memories. This was an 18th birthday present from a mother to her daughter.

18 years

The Lincoln Imp
The Brief: A Fathers day present, which has the theme of Man United/Old Trafford burning to the ground, Alex Ferguson being squished and Lincoln City FC winning 'The Cup'.

The Lincoln Imp

As you can see, all the commissions have been VERY different, as are the ones to come, but they have all had one thing in common, which is FUN. The communication between myself and the doodle clients has been awesome and it is such an honour to take an idea of theirs and turn it into doodle form. 

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Question Time:
Firstly, I would love to know what you think of the doodles in this post, Secondly, if you have any questions about The Doodologist type things etc, please feel free to ask away! I will be doing a more wordy business update in the near future and it would be cool to know what people wanted to read.


  1. The 18th birthday one is just adorable! Made me smile. Now the Lincoln Imp one made me laugh out loud....

    I can't wait to hear more about the ducks...

    You have been busy!

  2. Claire-I'm so excited by this new direction in your life, your transformation into the Doodologist. You have so much creative energy and it's starting to explode. There's so much humor, irreverence and just plain fun in everything you do. Have missed you on the forum but glad to see you've been pre-occupied with all good things (aside from your ailing PC). Wishing your sister all the best.-Marty

  3. Spectacular! I am so very happy that your business is taking off and that you're doing something that you love vs. something that you have to in life. Ah, if only we all could be so lucky!

    Wish I could add more to this but my mind just seems to have gone the way of your pooter ...

  4. Where is the picture of the fascinator? :-P

  5. These are too cute! :) I enjoy the detail you put into each one.

    So I have a business question: Do you use doodling as a tool in counseling (besides the self-exam pictures lol)? If so, how do you use it?

  6. I LOVE the doodles!! I especially loved the 18 years of memories. :) Great job (as always!!)

  7. @Lois, I really enjoyed doing the 18th birthday one, such a pleasure to create something with someone elses memories and happy times!

    The Lincoln Imp was a LOT of fun, I think he could give Grumpus a run for his money.

    It is an interesting duck tale indeed!

    @NP: A big massive THANK YOU for sharing in my excitement and watching my adventure as it unfolds. It is great to have company along the way.

    I am also pleased that you see the humour in my work :)

    Will pass on wishes to the sister :)

    @Linda: Thank you Linda! Sometimes I wish I had gone straight into arty things at a MUCH younger age, but life didn't want that to happen, so I at least am glad that I eventually got around to it! Here is hoping that you take a few more steps in the direction of where you want to be.

    @Deray, Oops!

    @Liss: Thanks muchly!! :)

    Your question prompted me to update my 'about' section, my bad! As I am longer in the counselling business. Not that I am ruling out going back into that world. As I really want to do workshops with people and get them doodling more. I especially love the way people like yourself illustrate their lives, I think if more people doodle like that, the more happy people would be. Doodling was one of the only things that helped me through difficult times, that along with blogging. I think it is just about helping people get what is in their head, out on paper, in word or doodle form.

    This is my flickr set on counselling related doodles

    Although to be honest all my personal doodles have some elements of therapueticness about them, some say that The Grumpus is me? shocking! hehe

    Did that make sense?

    @Crazy Working Mom: Hey thanks dude!!! Much obliged for the lovely comment :) :) The 18 years of memories was quite different from my usually doodling style, so it is cool to see such a good response to it.

  8. Wow! You certainly have been busy. Hope the wedding went spendidly. And I LOVE the duckies -- so cute! Looking good, Claire!

  9. Man, I'm out of breath from reading so fast. Yeah, I read with my mouth open.
    I am quite proud of you. You've made me try to dig out some of my old stuff and start in again. I'm gonna post some oldies but goodies - will let you know when.
    Your cheekiness shines!

  10. @Janene: I have been busy, just wish I could keep up with my brain, I need a robotic body!

    The wedding was splendid! Sister looked gorgeous :)

    Oh I am glad the duckies seem popular, it took ages to come up with the perfect duck :)

    @Amazing Gracie: Haha! Thanks for being proud of me, that makes two people! You and my mum :)

    I can't WAIT to see your stuff, this is the best news ever!!! :)

  11. Just found you browsing through the BlogCatalog site, and had to say that your blog is beautiful! :)