30 May 2011

Reasons to be a Grumpus

Uh oh I have been neglecting The Grumpus, which is not the best thing to do... so this post is mainly about the green and furry one.

Grumpus says pick up your shit

The Grumpus recently asked the worshippers/minions that like the FB page, what made them almost Grumpus like. The Grumpus was saddened by a rather lacklustre response and had to prod minions to ignite their fury. It produced results at last and one particular minion came up with the perfect reason to be a Grumpus.
Heather minion was infuriated that other minions where not looking after their furry hairy masters properly by not picking up their poop for them.
 The Grumpus says that if you are furry or especially hairy, obviously someone else has to pick up the poop. Minions (humans) evolved those thumbs things so that they could pick up after the masterful furry hairy creatures of the world.
Poop on the floor (or anywhere) is NOT a good thing, especially when you are green, furry and barefoot. Imagine getting the poop out from inbetween your toes? So minions, please remember, pick up your shit! or get a designated minion to do it for you.

What makes YOU a Grumpus?

If The Grumpus agrees with you, the head minion will turn it into doodle like form and you can glow in the satisfaction of being as miserable as The Grumpus.

Other news: The Doodologist bulletin
The world of doodle has been doodle mad lately, as I work on The Doodologist business. There is SO much to do, but it is so rewarding and I have been getting great feedback.
My first official The Doodologist parcel was well received and you can see the doodle being created in a lovely slideshow below.

The Doodologist website does have a blog section, which I update, but for some reason the feed isn't validating properly, something is wrong with the timestamp and I have no idea how to fix that. So the latest posts are Lady Jean and What does one doodle with.

What else?
Some how over four years have whizzed by since I first stumbled upon the magical world of twitter!
The Doodologist and Twitter Bird
I have made some most excellent friends via the world of twitterings and had to mark this occasion by whoring out my new business like twitter account @TheDoodologist, heh. On a more serious, or tweerious, note, twitter has made the world smaller in a good way.

Sometimes I wonder if I am going too Social Media/Networking crazy? But as a small business, that works in dark cave on their lonesome, I see Twitter, Facebook and Blogging as my own little shop window and a place that gets conversations started.

Cough The Doodologist is also on facebook Cough

I am just an evil capitalist now.


  1. This comment form irritates the shit out of me!

    Has anyone elses lovely embedded form gone tits up?

  2. What makes me a Grumpus is when I feel Empty -- lots of giving then nothing to fill the giver... makes sense?

  3. @Lois Yep that makes sense to me, an emotional vampire monster has drained you dry and you need a emotion tranfusion stat! (or cake)


  4. Just found your Doodlologist Empire and I like it a lot. I think our blogs could be long lost sisters. Me and Grumpusness? Other people grumping out when I am doing my best to be Ray Of Sunbeam (whilst secretly supressing a growing Grumpus).

  5. @Beth

    Ohhhh I am literally running over to your blog now....

    (okay not literally, but I am heading over there now!)

    I can definitely identify with your grumpusness. It takes a lot of effort to create a happiness bubble, with your fingers in ears humming falalalalalalala! So woe betide the person that bursts the bubble! :)

  6. People who don't pick up their poop? That makes me a grumpus, too. The grumpus inside of me hates whining and people who get pleasure from seeing others miserable. Argh! Loved the slideshow, BTW. Glad to see things are going well in the doodle business!

  7. Lady Jean definitely has that refined and eccentric look, so characteristic of the posher classes. As for Grumpusness, I seem to be somewhat lacking in that estimable quality, and in all sincerity have little desire to acquire it.

  8. Very creative. True talent.

  9. @Deray, that is definitely on my Grumpus list!

    @Janene, Oh both yours grumpus reason are good ones! Yay for loving the slideshow it is nice to get some feedback and whether people like seeing the doodle process.

    @NP, Well she is a faux posh bird, but classy all the same :) Your non Grumpus take on life does not surprise me at all, in fact I think you will love the new character I am working on :)

    @SOless, Thanks ever so much for commenting and for having a look at the blog :)

  10. Cute artwork! Do you have a DeviantART account? You should try getting on there if you haven't already - it's such a great site for artists to get their work out there.

    xo katie elizabeth

  11. Wow! You have such a nice blog! Great job on the design and all your wonderful doodles!

  12. @Katie Elizabeth: Hey thanks for saying such lovely things :)

    I do not have a Deviant account, have thought about it though! Hmmm maybe I shall have a nosy at the site again.

    @Liss: Oh how very nice of you! Thanks for popping in!

    /runs off to check out your blogs!

  13. I seriously cannot think of a single thing that would make The Grumpus in me come out. Mostly because this post and the idea of The Grumpus just makes me laugh. Well done.