12 Jul 2011

Dahlia's and Doodling

Yellow Dahlia

Doodle Business:
The Doodologist is fast approaching the last stage of business planning, although I am open for business, I still have some hoops to jump through. I visited the bank last week and had a meeting to set up a business account. It was slightly nerve wracking, but mainly exciting and more importantly they said yes! So I now have a shiny business bank account, with a cheque book and card that is emblazoned with 'The Doodologist'. I shall admit to being more than a little excited about seeing that. In regards to the business planning and inner workings, I shall be able to blog more about that sometime in August. I am working with a charity called the Prince's Trust to help me set up the business, from coming up with a sound business idea to then implementing it. Fingers crossed that in August I will have proved that this is a viable business and I will be matched with my own special business mentor. There is also a chance of getting a loan or grant, but really it is the help/advice that is the most appealing thing. More on this in August! (If you would like to join in and cross your fingers, legs, eyes etc, that would be most appreciated).

So at the moment I am working on some cool (very cool) commissions, which I will blog about as and when I can. I am also working on some ideas, so that I have some things to take to 'art and craft fair' type places. I asked the question to the folks that 'like' my The Doodologist facebook page, this question:

If The Doodologist was at an art fair type place, what would YOU like to see me selling?
Any ideas welcome, from doodle character suggestions to products like greeting cards, mugs etc. I am going to art fair type places for a few reasons, those include generating some cash, generating interest in commissions and generating publicity in general. I have never done anything like an Art Fair before, so I am genuinely in need of some help and advice. I have set myself the goal of doing my first one in September, which I am sure will creep up on me very fast!

Flowers and brick

Photo time:
If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you will have noticed that as well as doodling, I also love photography. So I was wondering if you think that some of the photographs are good enough to do high quality prints of and take them with to the art fair like places too? If so, any type of photographs tickle your fancy in particular? At the moment I am taking advantage of the intermittent lovely weather and the rather nice flowers in my garden. It is nice having photographic muses that don't try and run off.

Calendula again

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Google Plus: I have added another social network to my growing collection, so if you are hanging out over there, be sure to add me +Claire . It is very early days over there at the moment, but I am finding it a refreshing change from facebook and twitter. Not that I will be dropping either FB or Twitter any time soon, it is just different.

Pink flower and brick wall

Thanks for reading xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Congrats on taking the next step. I've been in heavy thought the past week or so about if I want to take my photography to the next level.

    Still not sure yet, but I'm thinking about it.

  2. That green dahlia is awesome! Love the picture, it looks like its picking through the leaves ;-)

  3. What beautiful flowers! I can't wait to see how your business will grow. How exciting!

  4. So proud of you! You're starting a business doing what you love in life. That's amazing. :)

    And your photos are gorgeous.

  5. Love the photos, go girl xx

  6. I am so excited to see the doodle for StepMom! You can share it whenever you care to. She is not a blog reader, nor does she frequent Facebook, though she does have an account. I know she won't be seeing it soon enough to ruin the suprise.

    Congrats on the progress with the business and ht ebank and all that. I wish I had thought it through better when I launched my photog bbusiness. I am playing catch up on paperwork now, whilst balancing my husbands businesss, my full time job, my scentsy business and my baby!!!

    I think your pics are great and def. sellable! One thing I learned at my first craft fair was to have something at every prioce point for buyers in all income ranges. Include your branding logo on EVERYTHING. So when they get home they can remember where to go online to get more items. Have change, business cards in all the bags and presentation is the key. Wrap their purchases with tissue and always smile and thank them for the business. But you knew all that I am sure.

  7. Claire-great to see you have a business sense as well as an aesthetic one. You're being very practical about all this, and of course that's what you need to be. In that department I can be of little use to you, except to encourage you to follow your own good instincts. I love your photos and doodles and I know others will too. One suggestion might be to gear some of your crafts towards the children's market. Easy to imagine a kid owning a t-shirt or a plate with one of your doodly characters on it.

  8. Such a lovely blog you have. I know nothing about flowers, couldn't make them stay alive in my house if so my own life depended on it.

  9. Love the single flower against the brick wall. Beautiful photograph Since you both photograph and paint, you might consider modern versions of the 19th century botanicals. You can see some HERE

    Also, I gave you an award.

  10. Sounds like you're on your way. I used to live primarily from my art and with a few donations here and there :-) It's exciting how people respond. Now, I'm going the writers' route. Would like to invite you to my blog also. My best to you on your creative journey.

  11. If I had to pick one photograph from those above, I'd pick number three so they're all very nicely done. Looks like you have some very lovely flowers to practice your photography skills with!

    Another friend had sent me an invite to Google+ but at the time, I couldn't be arsed to do anything about it as I was up to my eyeballs editing new photos for the Inn Victoria's website. I guess now that I know you're on there, too, I'll have to go take a look at it. Between Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogging I'm not sure I want to add yet another social networking tool to the arsenal but why not, eh?

  12. Oh good! They're up to capacity for people in their testing phase so that means I don't have to worry about it for awhile yet until they launch the entire project at Google+. Whew ... I can slack off for a little longer! ;-)

  13. Hey! Nice blog you got! I too am a counsellor in training. Were you able to finish your diploma?

  14. Very exciting about the business, and I'm loving your flower photos Claire :D

  15. Finally got my PC back chums, so will reply properly to all you lovely folk ASAP :)

  16. @Visual Geek: Oh I think it is definitely worth taking the leap, I think once you do, you start getting some great feedback. Maybe look into artfairs and photographic competitions?

    @Deray: Yay so glad you spotted that, I thought it was peeking too and giving a little wave.

    @Lois: Thanks so much for the support you have shown so far and for liking the flowers! There will be a lot more flowery stuff soon!

    @Tricia: Thanks so much dude!! Gosh what a lovely thing to say xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx It is cool that people are so behind what I am doing.

    @Feline9: Much appreciated xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    @Lisa: I literally cannot wait for you to see it! I have incorporated so many cool elements, well I hope you think that they are cool!  So excited to know what her reaction will be!

    You are SO right when you talk about the balancing act, I ‘thought’ I had it covered, but in orider to do things properly I have now realised how easy it is for some things to get neglected. Thanks ever so much for putting it with my bumps in the road, it is MUCH appreciated. I seriously I don’t know how you manage to juggle all that you do.

    I remember from a while back, about you mentioning that the personal touches matter and having received some of your prints, I can definitely say that the small touches make a difference and I hopefully will do the same myself.

  17. @NP: The business sense is something that I am trying to develop, it is not coming to me as naturally as I would like. Great sugeestion about gearing some of the stuff towards children, I have a few ideas in mind, that I will be running past you lot, when they are ready.

    @Mie: Hey thanks for popping in! I don’t know much about flowers and have killed rather a lot. Start with something simple.

    @Jamie: Well I think you know how much I love that site and expect to see a LOT of things influenced by it!

    @Totsymae: Oh that is interesting to know! Do you prefer writing over art? I shall pop over to your blog shortly.

    @Linda: Oh thanks for narrowing down your favourite, that is always cool to know. Yes the garden has been good to me this year! Also going to see if I can photograph some of the flowers in the glasshouse at my local park, for something a bit more tropical.
    Not sure what my opinion is of G+ yet, I do rather like it and am using it as a bookmarking kind of site, where I can just share stuff with ,myself, select few or the whole world and it has the freedom of not boring friends/family with computer stuff.

    @unmothered child: Hello , thanks muchly. Alas I did not finish my diploma. Well I say alas, it was actually the right decision for me at the time, to not finish it. Starting the counselling training was probably the best decision I made, as I learnt SO much, but I also learnt that I am not cut out to be a counsellor at this point in my life. I LOVE talking about it though and still do lots of reading on the subject. How is your training going?

    @Alison: Yay and Yay! Thanks for always saying something so lovely!!

  18. You have such an eye for capturing the perfect moment!

  19. Claire, what you are doing is so cool and I know you've got waht it takes to be a great success. And the photography? So gorgeous, too. Is there anything about your art I don't like? Can't seem to find any!

  20. @Theresa: Oh thanks! The garden has been very kind to me this year! So the flowers have done all the hard work really.

    @Clipping? Do I detect the strong stench of spam?

    @Janene: What a lovely thing to say! I shall have to bottle you up and take you to the art fairs with me :)

  21. Claire, this is such exciting news. Please let me know once you have launched. I have some thoughts and visions that perhaps may serve you.

  22. @Tony:

    Well I am officially open for business, so you can send your thoughts and visions now if you like :)

    I am 'launching' the business when I start doing the art fairs and getting to meet potential customers in real life.

  23. @Timethief: Thanks muchly!!


    Once I have finished the final business plan draft, I shall update the blog!!!

    Please check back soon for lots of doodliness :)

  24. Nice post! Nice pics!

  25. Fabulous photo's! I love photography myself, please check out my blog and see what you think. would love some tips on how to create great photo pieces like yours. well done! :)