11 Aug 2011

Erm, where was I?

Things have been rather busy at 'The Doodologist' Headquarters (In a good way, mostly).

Firstly the computer had to go back to the shop, which was a major pain in the arse and something I had blocked out of my mind,until writing this blog post and realising how long it has been since I actually wrote anything on here!Ooops.

Secondly I found out my first Art Fair/Craft Fair/Fete type thing will be on September 10th and there are also a few more that I am hoping to do, just waiting to hear back from them.

One of the events that I have applied for, was a bit more official, so you had to fill in an application form, with a few samples of your work. For the photography stuff, I sent a print of this collage type thing:
Photo Sample

and for all things The Doodologist, I created this sample:
Doodle Sample

Fingers crossed that I get a few more spots at the various art fairs and craft fairs, that I wanted! Although to be honest, I still haven't got a clue what exactly I will be taking with me to flog!

Along with finding art fairs to attend, I have also been finding the right insurance policy, figuring out cash flow projections, writing final business plan and all that fun stuff.

In the meantime 'The Grumpus' has been his usually cheery self and started to do special Grumpus messages (for a fee, green fur is high maintenance!)

Firstly a 'Happy Birthday' message to a lovely 18 year old girl, Grumpus decided they were actually 21, what an idiot....

 Grumpus 21st birthday message
Then begrudgingly Grumpus came up with a few words of wisdom, for my chum Collette who got wed last Saturday.

"Marriage is a three ring circus: Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring and SuffeRing"
Father Grumpus and words of wisdom

Got some awesome doodle projects to blog about next time, I just need to edit the pictures, upload them and all that bollocks first.

Please 'like' me over on the book of faces for The Grumpus and The Doodologist, for the time being I am updating more frequently over there, thanks muchly!


  1. How was the art fair? Tell us!!!

  2. @Deray, it hasn't happened yet! September 10th is the future :)

  3. Happy doodle fan right here, yep that's me! I cannot wait for the world to see the doodle magic you created for my stepmommies 50th birthday present!!! It might not seem as fantastic to someone who doesn't know my family and the kids and all the scenes. But it is spot on perfection! And to think you accomplished all that goodness from just a few pictures and a description. You have a true gift!

  4. Rather exciting I must say! Cool! :)

  5. Love the collage, Claire, and good luck at the fair. The last doodle and accompanying witticism is already a classic along with Ambrose Bierce and Oscar Wilde.

  6. I loved the collages. Best of luck to you and have an excellent time at the fair.

    P.S. Grumpus always makes me lol :D

  7. Jajaja sorry, I don't know what day it is anymore!

  8. Ha ha! I love the marriage quote! I hope all goes well with the art fair. I just know you'll knock 'em dead. Beautiful work. Say 'hi' to Grumpus!

  9. The marriage quote is very creative and fun :) Such lovely photographs....Best wishes for the fair!

  10. Haha, I love the last picture!!! about marriage....very very funny and clever!

  11. @Lisa, your review/recommendation and seeing that video was the best thing ever! It seriously made my day and pretty much sums up why I love doodling so much!

    @Theresa, cool indeed!

    @NP: Thanks NP! I take my inspiration from the best, or at least try to :)

    @Deray, jajajajajajaja!

    @Janene, you could fly over and show your moral support that way? hehe :) Thanks, I hope so!

    @Sprig, How kind of you to say so! Thanks muchly :)