11 Sept 2011

Just keep doodling

Hey chums I am currently doing a few art/craft stalls at the moment, to market The Doodologist in the real world (not just online). I think I will leave writing up my experience with those until I have done a few more. I will have done four, by the first of next month, so a full expose into the world of arty farty crafty stall type things shall be written up then, including my mahoosive to do list! If I wrote it up now it would be something like:

"Talk to me, I am human being, not a zoo animal trapped behind this stall/cage, wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

In the mean time I will be lying on the floor imitating a heap of clothes that looks like the shape of a possible hooman bean (human being). Which may be a strange way of saying "By Crikey! I am fucking knackered!". Normally being tired would be a horrid feeling, but for the most part it's rather cool, I go to sleep dreaming about doodles, then I get to wake up and doodle them! When that pesky paperwork and chore stuff isn't getting in the way.

Home and Away:
Latest commission for The Doodologist is this piece called "Home and Away"
Home and Away

 In other news: Grumpus was forced to listen to music that wasn't to their liking. After the show the Grumpus tried to recreate the noise and this is a pictorial depiction of that incident :
  Sounds like
Can you caption The Grumpus picture above?
( just to see if anyone has the same mindset as The Grumpus).

Music inspired doodles:
Random project I am working on.

Musical Doodles

Other other news:

There Goes the Galaxy Book Badge
My incredibly talented friend Jenn has written a book, with words and everything! I have downloaded it to my phone thing to read and you should too!(if you have the right phone thing or kindle). I will be mentioning this a lot more once I have finished it! In the mean time please visit her facebook page and show some support There Goes the Galaxy


  1. Something about sounding like a couple of screeching dead cats? That is not good.

    Stay in front of the table and you'll do fine. Just takes a bit of courage... Take a deep breath and you can do it.

  2. Nothing wrong with being fucking knackered being that you are working your arse off to get your business off of the ground and flying as a success! I give you major props for getting yourself out there into the world of artsy/fartsy/crafty/wafty stuff as exposure is most definitely what The Doodologist needs - just make sure it's the right kind of exposure and not yourself being rude! :-)

    As for the Grumpus, I'm not sure on the caption but I know some humans that would love to apply the same sort of pressure to some local cats!

  3. Nucking Fackered? Busy is good Claire! x

  4. Grumpus must've been listening to military music. It tends to have that effect. Happy doodling, Claire-you seem to have found your utopia.

  5. "Grumpus relaxes after a stressful day at the cat shelter"

    Well done, he seems very distant.

  6. You are still the weirdest writer on this blog. Bar none.

    It is a testament to my sanity that I understood nothing. Not even one thing this time. But thanks for the mental picture of the huddled hooman heap on the floor behind the booth. I wish you would do a doodle of that image. With me kicking at you maybe. :)

    Well, I DO understand you are a mind-boggling artist. But that wasn't new to me.

  7. I LOVE your drawings. They make me feel happy. You have a lighthearted way of expression, and it gives me a lift.

  8. That Grumpus doodle just cracks me up. I know things have been busy, but I can't wait to hear how the last month has been. Lots to tell us, my dear. And, BTW, happy birthday, too. I'm sure you'll celebrate in style!

  9. awesome! what a nice post!! thanks a lot for sharing.......

  10. @Lois, I was trying to channel what the Grumpus would think about any music, it was in fact rather good :)

    The phrase I was looking for was 'Sounding like a cat being strangled' :)

    Thanks for your words of encouragement in regards to the crafty events, they helped a lot!

    @Linda, It definitely helps when I have a fan club like you guys! It makes it worthwhile :) :)

    @Alison: It is good! Thank cod for coffee!

    @NP: Hey dude! Urggh military music! That would be torture. Oh I do like the idea of a Doodle Utopia :)

    @Deadfront Jack, Hey dude :) Thanks for popping in. Grumpus definitely likes distance, especially from pesky minions (humans).

    @Relax Max, Eloquently verbose as usual dude :)

    @MsKitty, Hello! Really enjoyed what I have read on your blog so far, sorry I haven't commented as yet, things have been crazy busy, just wanted to acknowledge that I have popped over :)

    Thanks for such a lovely comment! :) :)

    @Janene, Hey dude! Things have indeed been mad, hence the very low levels of blogging! Off to Germany this week too, so things will be behind schedule as usual. Hope you are well!