18 Oct 2011

Turning 30 and the world not ending

fur family
I recently shuffled off this mortal coil, erm, I mean I turned.....into a green hideous furry beast... 30. Interestingly my face didn't suddenly slip of my facial skeletal structure and I didn't sprout any more grey hairs. I refuse to talk about that weird hair on my chin, tweezers have taken care of that issue.

I celebrated this monumental birthday by attending a glass blowing course in the morning and then going to Farmageddon in the evening. Blowing glass is bloody hard work, just keep twiddling, but it was very very cool and I highly recommend it. I will do an update post on the glass blowing, once I get a moment to edit the photographs. Farmageddon was a lot of fun, some people where ridiculously scared, but they obviously haven't seen me in the morning before coffee, that is frightening.

Doodle update: (Prepare for doodle overload)

My sisters wedding present was this doodle, a delay in blogging about it because it was then used to create the 'Thank You' cards, so wanted it to be a surprise for everyone receiving them, not that any of the wretches actually read this blog.
mr and mrs

Continuing with a wedding theme, a recent commission was this:
Eilidh and David

A Christening Gift:

A Birthday Gift:
A  few of

If you can't guess already, I have been busy! Which is fucking awesome, but some time for blogging would be awesome too, as I do miss it.  I have been remiss in updating the world on the my craft fair adventures and meeting the doodle wonder that is TJ- Go read her post here! I will most definitely be blogging about Arts and Craft fair experience, but that will take more time than I have at the moment.

I am hurtling towards blogging for five whole years! Tick followed tock and then someone rudely pressed the bloody fast forward button. I will do my usually epic like post to celebrate my blogoversary, which is also usually a few days late.

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  1. Your doodles are very colorful. It's been awhile since my last browsing visit here. I remember a few very funny doodles I've seen here before.

  2. Holy guacamole! You have been super busy and I love the results I see above. Long may you doodle and may your 30th year be full of love, laughter, and prosperity too. :)

  3. I request a doodle-journal chronicling your experience at Farmageddon. Inked in human blood, obviously.

  4. Happy Retrospective Burpday - you are now officially middle aged ... enjoy!

  5. Claire, I'd say at 30 your world is just beginning to get in gear and quickly picking up speed. So great you got to meet TJ, and vice versa. I absolutely love the doodle you did for your sister's wedding. That's a real treasure for them to hold on to through the years.

  6. i love how authentic this site is! keep up the amazing work :)

  7. I'm bloody late in getting here to read about your birthday adventures and see the latest epic doodles; I've been having problems with that whole time management thing myself. Taking an inhaler that causes sleep problems gives me time to actually read blogs at 3:00 a.m. Eastern Time though so here I am!

    The birthday sounds grand and the doodles look even grander - you have most definitely be a busy old hag ... er, doodler. Oh what I would give to be thirty again!

    I will look forward to the epic late post about your epic five years of blogging ... or should I say five years +??

  8. I really love your drawings, your art. It's always fascinating and pleasing to check into your webpage, and you give me so many ideas!

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  10. How did I miss this post?! Anyway, I hope you have a fabulous birthday. You're as beautiful and talented as ever. I LOVED my thirties and you will, too. We'll talk when you get to forty. ;)

  11. Haha very nice! Love the "doodles"! Feel free to check out my travel blog!

  12. Hello! I must apologise for not replying to these comments, in my mind I had!

    @lisleman, Hi dude hope you are well? The doodles are definitely over time, as I change the style that I draw in and the materials that I use.

    @deadfrontjack, Like your idea, but I am far too busy (lazy) for that malarkey! :)

    @DaddyP, Nay the average age will soon be 100, so I am still a toddler :)

    @NP, TJ is as nice as you can imagine, probably even nicer!

    @Kola, thanks! Nice to see you on my blog and facebook page :) :)

    @Linda, Will have to wait a while on that elusive five year post, I am such a slacker when it comes to blogging lately.

    @MsKitty, that is definitely great to read!

    @Jeff, thanks dude and thanks for popping by :)

    Just been catching up on your blog, amazing stuff on there and love how the blog looks too.

  13. @Janene, same way I missed that comment! Loving 30 so far, not that I was arsed about the birthday anyways. Will speak to you in ten years then... hehe :)