23 Feb 2013

Blows off the dust


That was the sound of time whooshing by and somehow already being practically the end of February 2013! Holy Shit Balls.

I will be putting together a post that links to all the awesome posts that +Linda Orlomoski  has written about the American Odyessy. I did take some pictures and attempt to write a post once or twice, but to be honest it was rather bloody nice being unplugged from it all.

rusty two
Christmas hit me in the face with a sledgehammer, as I suffered with jetleg rather badly when I got back. Just generally difficult to actual get into a normal routine again, being away that long definitely spoils you!

Anyhoo enough of all that, onwards and upwards.

I am rather liking this new tag system of google, maybe it will get people to have more of a nose over on G+ +Claire Pitt or +The Doodologist

lake reflection


  1. Replies
    1. Hey Laura, it is nice to be back :) Once I deleted all the bloody spam comments :)

    2. Gotta love zapping those spammers!

    3. Just wish it wasn't so many! I had 58 last week.

    4. You have some more interesting ones right now...

    5. Deleting as you typed this! Bastard things.

  2. You ought to see the number of spam comments I get on The Distracted Wanderer It's crazy!

    Time has been whooshing by here also but I think that's because I am taking on way too many other projects while still trying to work a 40+ hour full-time job. I seriously need to win the lottery. Oh wait. Gotta buy a ticket first, huh?

  3. Nice to read a fresh post here. It seems a post goes stale after only a week or so on the internet. Interesting pic with the shadows and water.