29 Mar 2013

A Doodle Round up

Greetings Doodle Chums,

Today I shall bring you a rather visual post, not that that is anything new around here:

Check out the slide show to see all the button commissions I have completed so far and there is more to come in the next week or so. I get to play with some vintage buttons too, which is excellent.

Doodle Lamp: A special doodle project has been the Doodle Lamp - this was a complicated doodle process, but well pleased with the results. Pondering what designs I should do next, maybe along the wedding lines. I will be doing a more in-depth post about the creation of the lamp, as I feel it definitely needs its own limelight..


I will be doing a longer doodle update about the evolution of my doodle style next week, just got to wait till another commission reaches its new home first.

In the meantime I am currently pinning like a crazy woman over on Pinterest (don't follow me, you would regret it), as I start making some example pieces, in an attempt to create a range, if that is the right term for it.  The first theme I will be working on is........... Weddings. I have gone with weddings, as I am doing a rather cool wedding fair in May, so thought it would be good idea to focus on one theme. Although in saying that, the pieces that I create will be adaptable for other things too.

I am really looking forward to creating these example pieces, as it means that I get to be creative and share the process along the way. Which means more blogging and asking you lot to help me brainstorm, if you don't mind.

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  1. Claire, love the button work. So happy to see your creative processes are still in high gear. Wishing you a happy spring and good times and more good work ahead.