29 Apr 2013

Developing a doodly style

Our Family - A Doodle Family Portrait
Greetings Chums, has spring finally sprung in your neck of the woods? Or are you doomed like the folks from Game of Thrones, with the eternal 'Winter is coming!' (said in ominous tones). In my part of Englandshire, along with the rest of Englandshire, I just look out the window and wonder what shade of gloom will delight us today. For now I would be more than happy with just a few days of consistent sunshine, not too hot and not too cold, I am the goldilocks of weather. 

Anyhoo enough of this weather talk, anyone would think I was British. Let us move on to something  else I love talking about... Doodles. I have been playing around with some ideas to create a doodly style, so that I can produce some more consistent designs. Lucky my latest commissions allowed me have a play around with some ideas, which I hope you will like. 

A snapshot of the family doodle Paris doodle compilation

Adding the doodly floral borders not only allows to frame the doodle nicely, it also allows me to sneak in lots of cool little details. I love how people slowly discover all the stuff I hide in them and discover new things that make them smile. Composition is something that I have struggled with a lot, so creating a 'template' of sorts, allows me to be creative, but in a more contained area. Which definitely helps when you then get to the mounting and framing stage. 

I have tons of ideas stuck in my brain at the moment, so I am working on lots of mini projects. Hopefully some will turn into tangible beasts, that I can then share with you! Here is a peek at one of the things I have been playing with. 

PS: I have activated the G+ comment thing and I am wondering if the thing is easily accessible to comment on, even if you don't have a google account or are not signed in. So if you can't comment on this post, please let me know via twitter or FB, thanks muchly! 

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