1 May 2013

Creative Pumpkin Side Partner - TJ Lubrano

I have been blogging now for quite a long time, in fact it will be seven years in October.  I always say that the best thing about blogging, by a mile, is the people that I have met along the way. To be honest, there have been a fair few fruit of the looms (polite way of saying, troll mongerers of doom) and they are just the ones that I really like. Only joking, I have met some super, smashing, great people, that live in my computer for the majority of the time, with occasionally breaks for water and real life meetings.

So today I want to blog about one of those trolls, erm I mean lovely people! Introducing Tahira Lubrano aka TJ.

Can you guess where she is from? I will give you a very very subtle clue....

TJ fast became one of my favourite people, because she sent me presents! Okay I am joking, but she has sent me the most amazing packages of loveliness, totally unexpected and totally delightful. TJ was starting out with her illustration business around the time that I had an idea of an idea, that turned into 'The Doodologist'. It is no word of a lie, when I say that without her help and support, there would be no Doodologist (don't cry).  I have often referenced her as my 'Doodle Mentor' as that is exactly what she is, from moral support to material support (she supplies me with rubbers and more!).

We have even worked on a few projects together, mainly Self Exam Doodles - in which we encourage you to touch yourself.
International Lady French FINAL CRPITT TJL
Which I am sure we will revisit at some point, but in the meantime, it is asleep whilst we grow our own businesses. 

Another exciting thing we have worked on is a fantastical story about creativity, that for the moment mainly lives in our minds. 
As a surpirse back in 2010 (yes I forgot to blog about it then, I am bad person!), I recieved this magical painting! That gives a wee hint about the story and the characters. Can you guess which one is me? Yes we are vain and have put ourselves in the story, well in a doodly way!

The Mug holds more clues to the story that will one day come to life, be warned, it is going to be epic. I am predicting that it will be finished before the world ends, maybe. So stay tuned, I may actually blog about this magical story again.

TJ is having a spring sale over on ETSY, so I would love it if you went over and had a peek.
So pick up a serious bargain, even though I hate the word bargain, that is what it is and support this artist. She is managing her doodle empire all by herself and every sale helps her to create more happiness. 

Wander/fly/hop/skip or jump over to her ETSY page and pick something, then buy it and then make yourself happy by adding this code ARTSPRINGSALE50 which then reduces it by 50% 

DO IT NOW - Discount code runs out on May the 6th.

Plus stalk her on the various social media platforms of your liking:

Twitter: @TJLubrano
Website : TJ Lubrano
Google + : +TJ Lubrano 
Have I convinced you that she is lovely and you need to buy all her shit? I bloody hope so.


(cheers lovely people)

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