14 May 2013

Under Pressure

I was going to go with 'Pain in the arse' for the blog title, but decided 'Under Pressure' was more appropriate.

one legged mumborg

I haven't blogged about mumborg for a while, not since 'Time flies when you are legless'. For my lovely new readers or general lost souls from the scary place of googling random shit, please click 'Mumborg' and catch up on the tale of the one legged one.

A grade four pressure sore/ulcer is not something that you want to google, I know some will be tempted to google, even if I say DON'T! You have been warned, it is not pretty.

Following information is from the NHS Choices website

A grade four pressure ulcer is the most severe type of pressure ulcer. The skin is severely damaged and the surrounding tissue begins to die (tissue necrosis). The underlying muscles or bone may also be damaged. People with grade four pressure ulcers have a high risk of developing a life-threatening infection.
Well that doesn't make fun reading does it? 

Nicely enough, Queen wrote an appropriate song about the matter, which was nice.

Mum has been in hospital for about three weeks now, as usual she isn't complaining or grumbling about the unfairness of it all, she is just getting on with it.  The doctors are swabbing the wound, changing the dressings, tilting the bed (magic bed, with magic buttons) and trying to figure out what to do next. Initial swabs and xrays had indicated that the infection had not reached the bone, but decided that an MRI was needed to be sure. From the results of the MRI, it is looking like the infection might be in the bone, which is a bit shit. Is it a severe case of Osteomyelitis or something easier to treat?

More talking to surgeons will be done today and then hopefully a plan of action will be put into place! 

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