4 May 2013

Halton ROCKS

I just wanted to do a quick plug for a local music event, that is happening next Saturday, supporting a really great charity. My friend Simon is heavily involved with this and I wanted to show some support, for what looks to be an awesome event. 

Halton Rocks 2013 
The fourth annual Halton Rocks festival comes to to The Studio, Widnes, on Saturday 11th May 2013, 6pm. Showcasing some of Halton's greatest acts, and supporting the outstanding Heswall Disabled Children's Holiday Fund, the popularity of Halton Rocks continues to grow, making the evening a must-attend event for the music lovers of Halton.

Listen and Buy the album by following the link below. It features some of the artists that will be playing the event: 

You can buy the album for as much (or as little) as you like, with all proceeds going to the charity. So have a listen and chuck some money in the pot. 

What  is the Charity?
The Heswall Disabled Children's Holiday Fund has been operating on the Wirral for over 50 years. We're proud of our history of providing free holidays to disabled children and the wealth of experience that that heritage brings with it.

The website has tons more information and I have provided links to their various social media hangouts, so do take a look. Small charities like this really do thrive and survive on local support!

Follow them on Twitter@heswallcamp

The Facebook Event page, can be found here: Halton Rocks 2013

In other news:
I have finally joined the masses over on instagram, don't worry there are no food pictures yet. I am using Bert my art model, as erm, my art model. Having a phone that can actually use apps like this, is already proving to be a lot of fun! It makes sharing things and using social media on the go, so much easier. 

So if you are over there, I am 'thedoodologist'

Toodle Pip! Hope you have a lovely weekend, tis an extra long one for us in Englandshire. Although that doesn't really make a difference to a self employed doodler, we never have a day off (or we just have them whenever we want, don't hate). 

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