18 Jul 2013

Latest wiffle

Greetings Chums, sorry I have been a bit absent, I went off to Hamburg, Germany for a while to visit with family and brought back a lovely bout of flu/weird cough/killer bee and allergy combination, which has been fun. 

Mumborg News:
The  Mumborg is currently still being held hostage at the local hospital, waiting on a super cushion that has been made especially for her arse, which should in turn help with current and future pressure sores. The arse like area has been pressure mapped, which involved a lot of people having to cop a feel, this will then be used to create the perfect cushion. Still a lot of bed rest on the cards, but things are looking much better! 

Moving On....
Did you check out the interviews I did with these guys? Creative locals that have been initially supported by The Prince's Trust 

  • Interview with Tile Fire - Check it out HERE
  • Interview with AJ Media - Check it out HERE
  • Interview with Vanilla Retro Stationery - Check it out HERE 

There is lots of cool advice for people that are self employed, or for those that are thinking of heading in that direction. Do check them out, when you get a chance.

Recent 'The Doodologist' news...
I got myself a studio space! Wooo and indeed Hoooooooooooooo, so exciting and I will be blogging a LOT more about this in the coming weeks. I just have to finish one more commission here at the original doodle cave, before I pack up and move my stuff over. 

Here is a link to my studio shopping list ..... Wish List 

Latest Commission: more over on The Doodologist 

So endeth this newsletter style blog post, with lots more to come. 

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