10 Aug 2013

Sorry this business has moved

Greetings Chums,

Finally blogging about the news that I have been alluding to in the last few blog posts, which nobody picked up on, apart from me.  Which is probably down to the fact that I blog in an exceptionally haphazard like manner.

Soooooo, what is the news? I got a studio space for my arty farty crafty needs!

I got the keys to the new place a few weeks ago, but mum came out of hospital and then the studio needed new central heating installed, so delayed moving into the place for a wee while. 

I also had a LOT of stuff to sort out, stock take and all that fun stuff, which was super time consuming, as well as finishing off my last commissions at home. Tis definitely weird thinking that those doodles were the last things to be done in the doodle cave aka my room at home. 

Anyhoo the new studio is at Hazlehurst Studios, where lots of other arty farty people dwell and I will be blogging about those talented people in the near future. I had heard of the studios setting up, but wasn't sure that they had any spaces free, so on a whim I emailed them. Soon I found myself on the short bus ride over and fell in love with the place. At home I was in serious danger of being crushed by buttons and other various bits and bobs, so something had to give!

Behold the first video I made, just after I got the keys (warning it may make you feel a bit seasick)

I bet you feel sick now? I am a terrible film maker. Luckily whilst my sister was visiting from Germany, she gave me a hand with the moving of boxes.
So the studio quickly started to take shape and I have found a home for most of the things that I had hidden away in towers of craft doom at home.

(click image to see it biggerer)

Planning a studio warming in the very near future, which will most likely be the 7/8th September, as those dates coincide with Hazlehurst Studios being open for a year. Hopefully some of you folks will pop down to have a nosey, meet myself and some of the other arty folks. 

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  1. Looking really, really good! Do so wish that I could pop over for the Open House but I guess I'll just have to delay that a bit until I can pop over for an anniversary celebration at some point.

    Three cheers and a big huzzah for being able to stretch one's crafty wings and fly - you are most definitely going places!

    1. Really wish that you could to! Hoping that one of my chums comes to film the open day, just got to see if they are free first!

      Definitely have another party when you do make it over :)

  2. I think it looks awesome! Look at you all grown up now..... just be forewarned.... growing up is a beeotch LOL Congratulations!