2 Mar 2014

What's been happening at Hazlehurst Studios?

Greetings Chums, Hope everyone is fair to middling out there in the aether? For those that don't know, I have been a wee bit ill the past month or so, and I am awaiting surgery next week! It was meant to be over and done with by now, but surgery got postponed due to unforeseen circumstances on the hospital side of things. It is nothing major from a surgical point of view, just whipping my gallbladder out. I will be blogging more about this, with doodles and everything! Just not really got back into the swing of things, whilst I am in this surgery limbo.

Luckily my fellow studio chums at Hazlehurst Studios have been very busy with their own personal artwork, as well as some awesome workshops. It is so cool to see people come to the workshops and be creative, so I am being a bit of creative voyeur at the moment! For those that know me well, they know I am a bit of social media bore/whore, having loved blogging and its many micro platforms for rather a long time.

So whilst I am off my feet, so to speak, I am having a think about how the studios can utilise the wonderfully weird world of social media more effectively, so that more lovely people can find out about the place. An epic blog post on my findings is in the works, I can currently have a word document with 2000+ words and counting.

Anyhoo, here are a few pictures from the various workshops over the past week or so.
Last week Cathy was running a screen printing workshop and here are some of the results. 

I had a lot of fun creating the pictures you can see, using the online editing sites Picmonkey and Fotor.  Two of the sites I will be mentioning in more detail when I am finish my social mdi shenanigans write-up.

The next image is the cumulation of workshops, screen printing with Cathy Rounthwaite and a sewing workshop with Maria Tarn

The Textile group that produced the prints from found objects, at the beginning of this post, also produced this set of prints below. 
Not sure if it is just me, but I really want to learn more about printing and sewing! Imagine what I could do with my doodles?! Luckily my studio is in the right place, with the right people to ask.

More details about the workshops can be found on the website, but whilst it is being tweaked, please also check:

Main Account: Hazlehurst Studios 
Daily Musings from the Artists: Hazlehurst Artists 

Main Account: @HazlehurstCraft
Daily Musings from the Artists: @Studio_73a

Hazlehurst Studios Online Booking System: Hazlehurst Studio Events 

Hopefully next time I am blogging, it will be without a pesky gallstone filled gallbladder.
 Be ready for social media avalanche!
See you on the other side xxxx

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