21 Feb 2014

A Masterclass in Crochet by Carys Anne Hughes

My lovely studio chum Carys Anne Hughes is running a Crochet Masterclass at our studio home Hazlehurst Studios on March the 15th

I wish I could say that I can crochet, but alas I cannot, not even one stitch! There was a time that I could knit, many many moons ago, under supervision from my Grandma, who can knit like a demon. So I am rather tempted to join the class myself and look like a total newbie idiot. I can't confirm my place just yet though, as my gallbladder is getting whipped out imminently, but that tale is for another day.

The Day will start with learning all about all crocheting, an intro into basic stitches with detailed information sheets for you to keep as well as tips on hook sizes, wool recommendations, English/ American differences and easy to follow instructions. Chain Stitch, double stitch, half trebles and all that kind of thing.
In the morning session you will make a: simple flower washcloth in cotton.
In the afternoon session you will make a: granny square trivet
You will also have a goodie bag of things to take away with you, this will include: patterns, hook and wool to keep you going with your new skills when you get home

So what do you need to know?

All of the information that you should need, is on this leaflet, if you have any questions, either contact Carys, or I am more than happy to pass on enquiries and get back to you. 

PS: I don't know why, but Granny Square Trivets, as a term, just makes me laugh. Although if anyone wants to make a blanket, please do! 

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