1 Feb 2007

Thursday Thirteen:Number 4

Thirteen Things about Claire Rachael Pitt

This week its 13 Things i want to get done this year!
1. Hike over 20 miles in one go! got up to 12.5 so far.
2. Go hiking at least 3 times a month! as this is the only exercise i really like.
3. Finish Level 3:Counselling theories and practice.
4. Start Diploma in Counselling this september (if i pass number 3).
5. Learn how to climb. So can go climbing with mate Karen.
6. Learn how to ride a bike(again).
7. Read one chapter a week of any of my new counselling books!
8. Keep my room tidy!it just took me a whole weekend to straighten it out.
9. Help dad sort out the garden as its an absolute tip!
10. Travel to at least one foreign land, even for a weekend!
11. Find a good volunteer placement before September.
12. Lose weight and tone up.
13. Check out local library.

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  1. Great Thursday Thirteen post Claire. I hope you meet all your goals they certainly are worthwhile. Nice of you to help your Dad out.

    Its Wednesday here so I don't have to think about it. LOL

  2. You need to hike over here! Oh wait.. too far! Well... if you came to see me that would cross off a foreign land! Happy TT!

  3. great list, hope they all get done honey, makes me tired reading it! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  4. I hope you find great satisfaction in crossing things off your list as you do them! Nice TT :)

  5. great goals...I remember hiking...

  6. Way to go on the hiking so far! Keep up the good work!

  7. It is going to be on very active year. :)

  8. Nice list! Goodluck for your plan.

    I will Exercise for Comments!

  9. Good luck Claire!

    Blogger is broken this morning, I can't visit half of my normal blogs :-(

    At least I got yours though! :-)

  10. Good luck with your goals, especially keeping your room tidy. That is one thing I can never do :)

  11. First time player- I'll play properly next week. I stole someone else's topic this week. Geez!
    Good Luck with all of your projects. Keep us posted on the progress

  12. I'm sure you'll do all these. My favourite would be if you wouldn't guess that!

  13. Great list! I hope you get it all done!

  14. A great TT.
    Translate, honey, for this American:
    #9: the garden as its an absolute tip!
    Does tip mean mess?
    You can come help me with mine, too -- it's an absolute tip!

    It’s A Blog Eat Blog World

  15. Great list, not sure about #8, seems to much of a chore. Rappelling is great too, much better than climbing. hehe

  16. That's a great list of goals!!! Should be a great year for you!

  17. I would like to take a year and hike all over Britain. That'd be my ideal vacation.

    Happy Thursday

  18. I'm working on #12 as well....


  19. 8. Keep my room tidy!it just took me a whole weekend to straighten it out.

    When you finish with yours, would you like to have a go at mine? :-)

  20. Whew! I had to sit down and drink some water after reading you TT. Good luck!

  21. Wow, how very active! I would like to hike 1 mile but can never find time to leave work or my computer...

  22. Working in the garden is definitely on my list. Won't be happening for a while though.. still have about 3 feet of snow. :-)

  23. Is it just me or what...took me an hour and a half to do a simple post because my photos would not upload and now taking me ages to get into anyones comment box. Do they cover frustrated blogger syndrome on your course!!!

  24. I am trying to get them done vic! I am helping my dad out of necessity,lol!

    Skittles if i had the money i would be on the plane.

    Thanks E'bee i hope i do get them all done, its about realistic goals!

    Hey heather i will indeed! i hope to post about getting each one done.

    Thanks Katherine.

    Cheers Mags, i will climb every mountain! oops thats a song. The hills will do!

    Thanks Suki it is indeed.

    Hey sunflower i guess am exercising for comments also!lol!

    Cheers Sarge, I will! honest.

    Cheers Chris Thank God you got to mine!lol!

    Hey fence, its a demon i struggle with!

    Thanks gewels will check yours out in a bit!

    I knew your fav would be number 9, but not in this garden i promise you!

    Thank you green eyed girl!!

    Morgen, yes as absolute tip is indeed a mess! after i am done here i will head your way.

    Sgt dub it was and is too much of a chore! dont know much about rappelling?

    Crystal i hope it is.

    interstellar lass if you do it, give me a shout and i will give you some tips!

    Hey jeanette its certainly is work isnt it!*sigh*

    Tomcat are you trying to get me in your bedroom again!lol!

    Hey debo blue,thanks for the luck i will need it!

    Trina, i have just written the list not done the stuff yet!lol! step away from the computer!

    Hey Coll, 3 feet of snow! not even had 3mm of the stuff! i wish we had then wouldnt be able to see bloody garden!lol!

    Ruth blogger has been naughty today!!! will work on adding it to course!lol!

  25. A good list. I hope you accomplish them all :)

  26. you sound very productive..hope you get it all done

  27. Claire, I had no such evil intentions!! You're much too pretty for the likes of me!!

    I sent you an email that you might be able to use. :-)