19 Jan 2007

Friday Feast

Appetizer: Which television shows do you just refuse to miss?
At the moment its Ugly Betty and the wonderful Oz show Neighbours!
but to be honest i am more obsessed with blogging than telly at the mo!

Soup:Who did you last speak to on the telephone?
I spoke to my sister Heather, who lives in Scotland.

Salad: How many pillows do you keep on your bed?
3, but i only use one when i go to sleep (my poor neck!)

Main Course: Name one addition to your computer (software, hardware, etc.) that you'd love to have.
Ohh erm a magic button that makes it work super fast and it never crashes!

Dessert: What is your favorite foreign food?
A the moment i am really loving Tapas!


  1. Tapas? :) Shams are just decorative pillow covers! Have a wonderful day because YOU are a wonderful person!

  2. I have put a link in for people who dont know what it is, just click on the word Tapas and away you go! Thanks for that Skittles, what a lovely way to start the day!

  3. OoOOOoo.. they look and sound yummy!

  4. They are!!!!!!!! yummy in my tummy, yummy in my tummy!!! oh hungry now, hooray its nearly dinner time!

  5. hey clare you could have said hot dogs and apple pie!!! i don't know why i think that is so funny this morning, i am in a strange mood i guess. and yes, you made the sidebar, and some left. i change sometimes and i don't like too many, you know, kind of keep it for special ones??? smiles, bee

  6. I have 3 pillows on my bed too and I only use one...people always think that is strange but the bed would look funny with only one pillow!! I would also love to have that magic button for my computer...these damn machines kill me sometimes!

  7. For fear of finally reaching "permanent lurker" status, here I am.. (Plus, being publically called out on my own blog is a great motivator) :) Ha.. I'll second the magic button.. Many times that would have been quite handy.

    I am unfamiliar with Neighbors, so I have no comment on that.

    Pillows.. I have 4. Use one, and the rest are generally around my sides as something to hold while I sleep (if I were a woman or slightly less masculine guy, I would be using the word cuddle here.)

    Scotland is one place I have never been but would LOVE to go sometime.. Tell your sister I am patiently awaiting an invite. :)

    Tapas are always good....

  8. I think Ugly Betty is great too. I tape so many programmes and then watch them late at night WHEN I have finished in Blogworld. A few weeks ago I put the tv on at midnight and found reruns of Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps. Being an old fogey I'd never watched it before....Now I'm hooked on it.
    Love Tapas...mmmmmm
    If you find that magic button let me pc has been soooooo slow lately
    p.s. My sister lives in Scotland too!

  9. Hello, i can answer comments now i am back from the pub!

    I hope i always remain special bee!apple pie isn't foreign but i could of gotten away with hot dogs which i do love!

    Hey Katie thats exactly what i thought, also the extra pillows come in handy when i am reading in bed.

    Hooray Ryan i am so glad you have come out from lurking zone! i dont think it will dent your masculinity to much if you use the word cuddle,lol! My sister would welcome you anytime!

    Oh Ruth i hate that programme! My mum loves it, but its filmed about 5 miles from my house! yumm tapas, i am hungry again, it must be the Cider talking!