18 Jan 2007

13 favourite things

13 Favourite Things of mine, in no particular order!

1. Blogging (ok some sort of order!)
2. Yorkshire Puddings (yummy in my tummy!)Click here!!
3. Hiking/Walking (we have a love/hate relationship)
4. My counselling studies (I love it!)
5. My Nephews (Ewan and Connor)
6. Reading in Bed with a cup of tea or coffee and some biscuits!
7. Cooking.
8. Soft Rock! not the sweets, Music!
9. Tights.(coloured and patterned ones!)
10. Slipper Socks
11. Silver jewellery (vintage and unusual designs)
12. Photography (more looking at photos, than taking them at the mo)
13. Trees!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wish there was somewhere to hike near where I live. Right at the moment everywhere is MUDDY! As soon as the weather gets nicer I am hoping to go hiking at the Sandhill Crane Refuge, and the Pascagoula River trail.

  2. I'm with you on everything but the tights and the studies!
    Congrats on your second TT!

    When you get a chance, visit mine at
    It’s A Blog Eat Blog World

    Happy TT!

  3. Nice list. You're the first 13 I visited this week. Mine should be up shortly.

  4. Nice list you have there. One of my favorite things to do is blogging, but it is not on the top of my list. Mine is up too.

  5. biscuits, now there is a subject for us to discuss my friend. i make SOUTHERN biscuits, you eat cookies, right? i like both, but to me biscuits are soft and warm and oozing with butter and jam and served alongside grits and eggs, you see? cookies you eat with coffee or milk for a snack. they are not biscuits to a southerner. they are good, just not biccuits. ask sarge, he'll tell you! smiles, have a great day! bee

  6. Bee has it right. southern biscuits is manly food, Your biscuits are nice with a spot of tea.........

  7. Well Claire, yours is a lot more positive than mine this week.
    We have much the same likes by the way. :-)

  8. yes, one day I see a new group called "Blogging Anonymous" being set up for those who have lost everything in search of that perfect blog, great list.

  9. What a great list...esp. number 6 on a day like have the gales and rain too?

  10. p.s. Nice to see chapter 2 underway in Tuckersville..

  11. Thanks for coming by last week's TT on THE COUCH

    Nice list you have here

  12. Hmm, Yorkshire pud soaked in gravy.....

    What is it with Women & soft rock? If you mention bon jovi or anything like that I'm gone.....


  13. I haven't been able to fit into a pair of tights since I was probably 7 yrs old lol! Happy TT!

  14. I love fun patterned tights too!

    Happy T13!


  15. I love trees too...especially being surrounded by them in the woods on a sunny day!

    Good list-mine's up too...just scroll down!

  16. Thanks alasandra, the weather is awful here! will post about that when i am done here! I like the sound of them hikes but i have no idea where they are! will google them! Come back in a few days and i will have put up a post about hikes.

    Morgen how can you not like tights! not even fish-net ones?

    Cheers John i am on my way to yours!

    Cheers Rose, blogging is not my favourite thing but its close!

    Bee i think you will find they are scones! i think we (brits) invented biscuits! so i stand by my idea that they are for eating with tea, coffe, milk or on their own! but yours sound yummy, send me some please!

    Sarge i think i might have to do another American vs British post, to explain the mistakes!

    On my way over in a mo jeanine.

    Oh sgt dub, you are so right! i need that group now!

    Oh yes Ruth, will post about that now. and i am excited that tuckersville is back on track!

    Cheers Bond, will swing by yours in due course!

    Chris i love Bon Jovi!!!! oh i am half way there ohhhhhhhhhhhhh oh living on a prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo!

    Well skittles stop trying on the 7year old ones then! how daft are you!

    Cheers Karla, Tights rock! i have worn green ones today!

    Cheers mags me too! why aren't you a tall dark and handsome man!!!!lol!

  17. Great list. And I love silver jewelry too. Don't care for gold at all.

    And I'm southern too, so I also think biscuits should be soft, warm, and overflowing with gravy.

    My TT is up also.

  18. I hope I can do this whole link thing right this week...

    Love the list...a counselor-in-training AND a blogger? HOW WONDERFUL....


  19. Thank you for visiting, hmm will have post about this biscuit thing!

    Hey counselor, your link doesn't work again!!!!

    Cheers Erika!