22 Jan 2007

Hike one: The Derwent Dams

Hiking is worth it! This is the Derwent Dams walk which is 12 miles long, pretty good for me as i haven't been hiking for over 6 months or in fact done any exercise!
For all you Film and Military Fans, have you heard of The Dam busters film? go here for more infoThe Dam Busters film info

For more military info go hereDambusters Info

This is a map of the route i took, which was basically all around the three dams, for more info on this area check outThe Dams
I hoped you like this!!!


  1. I'm so proud of you for being able to do that.

  2. wow, now honey i think i could have hiked that too. it just would have taken me three years, you see?

  3. Beautiful pics.

  4. Nice pics Claire, looks like a lovely walk.

    Our boys love walking as well, especially when they can do a little bit of scrambling over rocks or splashing in streams (have to say that's my favourite bit too!)

    Mind you, Tom was so pleased with his new waterproof boots, he wandered a little too far into Loch Muick... I did tell him!

  5. Thanks skittles i am really trying to give this healthy living a go this year! Its definitely good for me!

    Lol! E'bee, i think you could handle just about anything!

    Thanks rose, i just need a camera of my own now so i can take more.

    Cheers Chris, i am just like your kids! well a bigger scarier version lol! thats my favorite part too!

  6. Hi Claire, its nice to see your pics of the Derwent Dams etc. I hope you get chance to walk the Kinder Edges, its really nice up there on a fine day. If you would like to see somemore Peak District Pic have a look at The Hiking Gardener when you have a minute. Bob.