25 Feb 2007

Happy 4200th Visitor!

Happy 4200th ish Visitor!
Yet again no one specific hit the magic mark! So who was the nearest? I haven't cheated by the way, this person was one away! The 4200th was a randomer situated in Portugal, with no url to follow.
So the winner is a repeat offender (part time Lurker!), who is ill at the mo! So go and say hello!

I hope you like the recent hiking photos (in the post below), i suffered through blood, sweat and tears to bring these photos to you! More will be on the way soon.
Also one of my longest running blog friends aka Cariboo Ponderer thinks her blog is dying! Its a wonderful blog and i would be very unhappy if she retired it so click on the bear and have a read!

Also thanks for the Good Response to my PPP's! Its a great way to earn my first million!


  1. Ha.. You are the best Claire!

    I still have a ways to go before catching up with you and your stats as I am currently somewhere around 2700 for the year.. :]

    Thank you for the link love. I appreciate it much.

    OMG my throat hurts!!!!!!!

  2. Cheers Ryan, i know i am (joke statement!)
    Twas a pleasure to see you as nearly 4200th visitor!
    A cyber hug and kiss to you, i hope you feel better soon!

  3. I love that you do this - it's such a neat feature!

    BTW - link love sounds great, in fact I added you already :-)

  4. Well Kai if you try hard enough you could become one of the Happy 100's!lol!

    You are linked!

  5. Oh, and I must say, I DO NOT believe I am a part-time Lurker!!!!!!!!


  6. Ha, i knew that would provoke a reaction, Ryan!I was only messing with you. Make sure you comment at least ten times a day to ensure i never call you one again,lol!

  7. Hi Claire! Norway is a great place for hiking - our tourist Board has both manned and unmanned cabins all over our mountains, and there are plenty of hotels too, if you're into home comforts between blisters... I'll look into it, and scavenge some useful links for you.'
    Cheers for now!

  8. Thanks for the encouragement and cheerleading we all need a little at times don't we.

  9. Hey Stine, thanks for visiting me!
    I am really looking forward to hiking links!

    Hey Vic, It was my pleasure to do a small thing that i hope made you feel a bit brighter!

    Cheers Tomcat!