25 Feb 2007

Manic Monday: Number 5's Theme is Yellow!

When i heard this was the theme for this week, one thing pop straight into my head!
So here is my first go at posting a Youtube video!(Mo, this was hell for me!)

If you would like to more about this song click here
If you would like the lyrics click here

Ps.Don't Forget to check out my Happy 100's post below, this is my own special feature that means a lot to me!!
Also latest Hikes in post below that! Cheers xxxxxxx


  1. I'm up as well. My first time participating!!!


    Have a great day Claire!


  2. Great idea for the theme this week. I have no idea what I'm going to post yet. Hopefully between now and tommorrow I'll come up with something.

  3. claire - I made it!
    Dial up got me here at last!
    Unfortunately, the YouTube video will have to wait 'til tomorrow when I have DSL.
    but congrats on posting your first YouTube - the first one is the most challenging. Now the challenge is to NOT get addicted to them!
    Try out Bing Bang from Lazy Town!
    Have a Yellow Day!
    manic mo

  4. Wow, that song'll sure be stuck in my head for a while! :)

    Happy Monday.

  5. I bought this album new. I have ... Season of the Witch .. in my ITunes.
    Send me a email, I think I have a solution to your problem.

  6. You make me swing so early in the morning, lol ! My cat makes big eyes, but she is used to worse !
    That brought out some of my past souvenirs ! I love the song.

  7. To think I was only 14!!!!..........still love the song now.

  8. WOO-HOO! Thans a lot for the "Mellow Yellow" catchy tune! I haven´t heard this one for ages =)

  9. Claire, congrats on the Youtube, I haven't figured out how to post one yet, so I just email them. I was 4295, one day I'll hit the mark.

  10. *dancing around the room* loving the music honey, great job posting it! yea you!!!

    dancing smiles, bee

  11. love this song, and perfect for a monday!

  12. That's about as yellow as a song could get Claire.

  13. Hellooooo
    I'm back!
    Great video. Now I'm in the "I've got this song stuck in my head" category!
    Mellow Yellow indeed!
    Manic Mo
    Manic Monday

  14. I HAD to click it! I hope you're happy now that everyone has that song stuck in their head :)

  15. I am glad i infected everybody with a bit of mellow yellow today!! I love that song.

    I conquered youtube and i am very proud of myself!

    Sgt dub keep on trying!!

    No mo Lazy Town is the stuff of the devil!

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I've been waiting for Mellow Yellow all DAY! Hurray - it was as fabulous as the first time I heard it :) My daughter and I danced around the kitchen!

  17. Oh brilliant!! I love this song!

  18. Thanks for coming by and making fun of my ugly chair...It is ugly, isn't it! I haven't even tried to post a YouTuber yet and now hearing you and Sgt. Dub talk about how hard it is, I'm going to order "Blogging for Dummies!" I've been trying to figure out "Blog Roll" and can't. Sometimes I just have to walk away for awhile and let the tears dry ;^(

  19. Hey Heather, you made me laugh! love the thought of you and daughter dancing round the kitchen!

    Hey travis thanks for popping by.

    Hey A'Gracie, It wasn't that bad once i did it! will send you the links i used!