22 Mar 2007

Ass Hat Awards: In the News

Welcome to the second edition of that Ass Hat Awards, this edition is your chance to nominate an Ass Hat in the News. I am very late with mine, so its a bit of a rush job. I won award for my first edition! (well everybody did)
So my Ass Hat goes to 'Scooch' for being the UK's entry for Eurovision


  1. Well done Claire; I've been doing mine to fortnightly (last Fri was the last one) but don't think they looked...certainly didn't comment.Guess there's not enough ASS's in my life....LOL

  2. Just found out I've won a Brutal Honesty award.....guess I'm getting my fortnights mixed up...ho hum

  3. Oh my, that was most certainly Ass Hat worthy! :) heh heh

    Congrats on your award. That poor guy deserved a cold steak for his eye!

  4. You do manage to come up with the strangest bits of video, don't you?

    From reading the Wikipedia entry on this "Scooch" group, am I to believe that they are popular? Which then makes me ask - WHY???

  5. i don't know anything about this asshat thingy but i am no lurker! ha

    smiles, bee

  6. Lol! Ruth you Ass! now thats brutal.

    Thanks Crazy, scooch suck!

    Hey Linda, popular? hmmm i have no idea why people voted for them. The Eurovision song contest is a very strange event. So its anyones guess really.

    I know you don't lurk E'bee, it was just a 'possible' anti lurking deterrent! and i am sure you could come with several ass hat candidates!

  7. Never got an entry up as I'd done mine last week. Shall be rooting for yours. BTW I tried to load one of these Mr Linky widgets for one of the other groups I'm in but had no luck....shall have to try again so may be asking for help later.

  8. I couldn't agree more . . . Ass Hats off to you . . lol

  9. Scooch certainly advance the call to legalise euthanasia that's for certain.

    I'm sure that since they opened up the voting to the public, people deliberately vote for the worst group out of sheer spite.

    I would, if I ever decided to waste money voting on these things :-D

  10. Cheers Ruth you ass hat!

    Hey shaz, how could they be picked!

    Hey Chris, i agree completely and i will be cringing when eurovision is on!

    Cheers Jen.