5 Mar 2007

Manic Monday: Number 6's Theme is Blow

This week's theme is blow! so what little nuggets popped into my head? Click on the images to find out more!
I was hiking yesterday and was blown all over the place as well!

This is not Mo!lol, although it could be.


  1. that is an odd and ugly fish :-D

  2. Hey thats not nice erika! lol! and it could kill you.

  3. I don't think that even my fishing friend of the large weed would want to catch that thing! And I guess the poison would kill you if the looks alone didn't do it!

    BTW, I did put a link to your blog on my sidebar complete with your lovely unshadowed photo! So there!

  4. Terrific ideas for the theme!

    Mine will be up later. Good job!

  5. Yikes! I would be afraid to see that fish.
    It's been very VERY windy here as well.

  6. Good morning ! You are up v e r y early, but me too, lol. I have to admit your little nuggets in your head worked very well ! Wikipedia at 6 am ! Help ! another cup of coffee !

  7. I was more curious about the cat even though I did click on both. Blofeld, huh? Very clever :)

  8. When I was young (a long time ago) we saw one of these washed up on the beach. Scary fish! Blofeld very clever. Well done for keeping this theme "clean", nudge, nudge, wink, wink

  9. hi Claire, nice fish! thanks for turning up at my blogdoor... makes me feel all welcome in the blogworld!

  10. Hi Clair....

    Just wanted to thank you for your lovely comments on my blog yesterday. I was feeling kinda of blue and after reading my blog this morning I can see that it was a rather depressing post...sorry about that but I do miss her so much. I also want to tell you I was over at Skittles place and read your comment to her about the whole hospital thing. Your comments was so genuine and heart felt, she is fortunate to have a blog friend like you.

    Cheers and Happy Monday!

  11. Delightful! "No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die". Well there goes the "clean" images.

  12. Hey Linda, no i don't think he would want to catch that. Why does everyone think its an ugly fish? I think its cute. Thanks for the image link, its a lovely thought (plotting my revenge!)

    Cheers Travis will be over later.

    Hey Tish, being stood on top of a very windy hill was not a good idea! I am beginning to feel sorry for this fish!

    Hey Gattina i went to bed very late, not up early. Hope coffee and wiki help!

    Cheers Skittles, my brain works sometimes!

    Hey Ruth,You saw a blowfish on one of our beaches in the UK? very strange!
    It was a struggle to keep it clean!!

    Hey Stine, its a pleasure to visit your site, even just to keep a track of your adsense millions!

    Hey Smalltown, It was a lovely post about your sister. I didn't find it depressing at all, i was really touched by the way you spoke about her. The same goes for Skittles blog, its hard not to be touched about the things she writes. I think anybody who writes personal things about themselves on their blogs are helping others just as much as they are helping themselves.
    Cheers indeed and a Happy Monday to yourself.

    Hey Jamie, i love that quote!

  13. Soory Claire should have added the beach was in Singapore!

  14. Great info on blowfish! Happy Monday!

  15. I always get blowfish confused with those cute little puffer fish thingies.

  16. Great take on the theme - the blowfish never even crossed my mind! And, Blofield - well, I guess my memory is fading because I forgot all about him.... I like the way the photos take you right to the Wikipedia site :)

  17. Blow fish and Blofeld!
    Excellent, Mr. Bond!

    Yes, I suppose that could be me.
    When I go to take over the world, I'll have a nice pussy on my lap and tainted blowfish on the buffet.
    (aren't you glad I'm not a megalomaniac billionaire?)

    manic mo

  18. Singapore? is this the right Ruth? a mysterious lady indeed!

    Cheers Lisa.

    Hey Sadie, do not eat a blowfish! well don't eat a puffer fish either (that would be mean!)

    Hey Heather, others things came into m mind! Thanks its just a little trick i have learnt.

    Hey Mo, hmm you with a nice pussy on your lap?lol!

  19. Way to go. Blowfish never even crossed my mind when I started trying to come up with something non vulgar to put up for this.

    Later Y'all

  20. I should hope nothing vulgar came up with fish in mind, although reading your last post!