4 Mar 2007

Just a quick update

Hey Guys, I hope the Pay Per Posts are not disturbing your viewing pleasure too much? i have tried to pick things that i am genuinely interested in or have a funny tale to go with it.
Went hiking today, 10 miles in the rain, but should have some good photos (courtesy of mates camera again), so ticker meter has been updated.
I have also been very slack with my counselling information, so i am working on that for tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great weekend?


  1. You're doing a great job with PPP Claire, taking care with means they read like you :-)

    Very nice weekend thanks, we actually managed to tire the little reprobates out! Will post about it later.

  2. Cheers Skittles, i really appreciate that.

    Aww thanks Chris, will be over later on to spam it up (i mean leave deep and meaningful comments)

    A big Thank you to both of you for being my PPP mentors!

  3. Nope. To be honest, I've seen so much Internet advertising, I tend to just zone it out. May I ask what you get for them?

  4. Thanks for that tomcat, you can make from $5 to ? per ad depending on your google ranking. I am in the $5 to $12 range. You can do up to 3 a day.

  5. Dang! You're gonna be rich! :-)