26 May 2007

Neglected Beavers

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With being ill and college work, i have neglected my beavers. For perverts who laugh at this name (OK i do too) or folks that don't know what i am talking about, click here Beavers to find out what i mean. To elaborate more, i am training to be an assistant beaver leader(i know some of you are laughing). It looks good on your CV and its nice to help with the kids.
So today i am off on a fun day as part of Scouting 2007 which should be fun. I don't even know where the event is? i have just been told to be ready for 12.

So when i get back, i will tell you all about it.


  1. Should be a fun day. I remember the first Girl Guide jamboree I went on; had a whale of a time.

  2. *giggles* a girl... *giggles some more* should never.... *snickers* neglect her... *snicker snicker* beaver!


    ohh.. that is good times there!


  3. I have 4 scouts here - 3 rovers +1...
    Widnes - sounds like there was a Viking there at one point who liked it so much he named it!

  4. Can't wait - you like being outdoors don't you?

  5. Ah, Beavers, one of my favourite things to play with. It is good to see you aren't negelecting yours!

    I have added a link to this page on my Beavers page ... XXX Beavers

    And left a reply at in my guestbook for you ... Guest Book

  6. Beaver Leader, wow. I'm sure that does look good on a resume.

    It took me a minute to find that link. At first I thought you were saying you were in the Adult Friend Finder ad.