18 Jun 2007

A force field against the crap!

I am glad you liked the title of my last post, i thought roller coaster of crap was the best way to describe how i was feeling. Reading all the wonderful comments left on that post has provided me with a force field against that feeling of crapness (see what i did there).
Well here i am at my sisters again, babysitting and awaiting the delivery of a bath as a way to get on the net once again! So what the heck have been up to? Well after feeling very sorry for myself, my mate Aly (who had to go through the torture of the tapes) took me out for dinner on the Friday. Yes a touch more class has come to Widnes (no laughing, Chris) in the form of Jalapenos a cross between a Spanish Tapas bar and a Mexican. I guess if your not from Widnes, you might not see this as progress but it is indeed, you could almost forget you were in my stinky little town. Don't get me wrong, i am a proud widnesian, but the town lacks facilities for culture and fine dining. After the lovely meal, we went to the pub stayed till last orders, one or two vodka and cokes were drunk.
Saturday i became one with my inner coach potato and forced myself to watch the telly all day and night. It was an effort but i managed it, also tried out some fake tan products.
Sunday i went hiking, boy i could tell i hadn't been for awhile, it hurt a lot. I am glad i went though, there is nothing like getting lost on the moors with the mist surrounding you to help clear ones mind. We obviously found our way back again and i have some pretty good pictures, but they will have to wait till internet is sorted.

So still no answer to when i will be back full time, hopefully bloody dad sorts it out this week.


  1. Hi Claire - Glad to see you (almost) back on track...

  2. Hi Claire, well in all the crap, I'm glad you got to take a hike, at least!

    So, is there a Widnes Prodection Program? Sorry, I just couldn't help myself...


  3. ha ha, mo good one!

    poor little red... what shall we do about it? all i know is it sucks, this no internet thingy. do they not realize what a hardship they are causing us, never mind you? geesh...

    smiles, bee

  4. Only one or two vodkas!!!! What on earth did you do until closing time? Will be glad when you're back fulltime. I trust your Dad was given lots of Internet Provider paperwork and ads for his Father's Day gift!!!

  5. Sounds like my sort of Saturday! Great to have you back, even if it's only part-time. :)

  6. Hi Claire,

    It's about time we heard from you on a regular basis. It isn't the same without you. No, we aren't going to stop blogging so you can catch up either. Now tell your pops to get your computer up and running as you have important blogging to do. :)

  7. Look at all you're accomplishing without steady internet access!

    Dinners out, drinking till all hours, lazing on the couch, and then hiking.