5 Jul 2007

Beavering Away

As it is the year of 100 years of scouting, next Tuesday we are having another beaver fun day. This is when all the local beavers get together and each group has to be in charge of an activity.
This loosely has to be based on scouting, so some are setting up tents, another is making woggles. Great for those groups, but we have a rather erm lazy beaver leader and she is awful when it come to being creative! I hope nobody is laughing at the beaver’s references, remember this is a children’s group! So her idea is to make paper beaver finger puppets, using a basic template which the kids colour in. I thought that was rather boring and have started to get the grey matter into action.
I was thinking of a more creative version, with pre cut out hairstyles, neckties, woggles and jumpers. So that way the kids get to totally customise their own finger puppet to make it more like themselves.

This of course means I now have 60 of everything to find and cut out!


  1. Sounds like you will be a busy Beaver who has her work cut out for her! And yes, you may groan and roll your eyes at my use of words!!

  2. You'd better get to it then Claire!!

  3. Yup, Busy Beaver...Linda beat me to it. :)

    Hope you have fun.

  4. I predict blisters from the scissors! Good luck my happy beaver leader x x x

  5. That'll teach you to get all creative!