5 Jul 2007

The Flying Scotsman

Wee Heather’s (little sister) fella is a trucker and today he made a flying visit to sunny Widnes (bloody still raining). By today I mean Tuesday because I am sat here at my computer, still without Internet, writing away. I love a good truck (does that sound rude to anyone else?) and the kids (nephews) go crazy at the site of it, so I whipped out my camera.
Incidentally I love my camera and I am the self appointed family photographer as dad never uses his, Jemma’s (older sister) was half inched and she is still waiting for the insurance to cough up.

Cool Slideshows!


  1. The boys look like they not only love the truck but they love their swords as well (and that probably sounds even worse that you saying you love a good truck!).

    Great pictures and glad to see you were able to toss up some new posts. A big thank you to your sister for letting you snitch her computer!

  2. Great pictures. Those boys are decidely keepers.

    Translation please from English to American: What is "half inched"

  3. What a great slide show Claire - those are two cool kids!

  4. Who doesn't love a good truck?


  5. Trucks and swords - yeah baby!

  6. They're too cute but I couldn't eat a whole one!

  7. To put Jamie out of his misery...half inched is cockney rhyming slang for pinched (as in stolen). Love your slideshow Claire.

  8. Thanks to Ruth for the translation there on the "half-inched." Who'd a thought that is what it meant? I sure would never have figured that out.

    Great pics Claire - those boys sure are cute. The truck's not bad either!