5 Jul 2007

Excessive post alert!

As i have to make the most of my sisters connection once more, I have posted quite a bit!
Please take a few days to read at your leisure :)


  1. As the sun has deigned to peep its head out from behind the clouds I'll catch up with your posts as my night time reading...;o)...that's unless it starts pissing down again. Not that this in any way implies that your posts are any less exciting than's just that even with your internet down seem to be appearing more than the sun!!!!

  2. There, I think I managed to get to all of today's which helps some with the lack of Claire-reading I've had to enjoy lately. Again - thank goodness for your sister and her Internet!!

    Kick your Dad in the arse for me and tell him to get crackin' on this mess!

  3. I've caught up, now don't post any more for two weeks until I get back off my holiday! x

  4. Glad to see you're back. You need to get that internet connection fixed. I'm going to spend some time catching up here and reading what you've been up to.