14 Sept 2007

Garden of Life

Today i do battle once more at the allotment, i am looking forward to it though. The allotment could be described as the garden of life but its not the right kind of life at the moment!
Slugs rule in this allotment and as its an organic plot no pellets are allowed! So i am forced to remove them by hand before Dave chops them in half with a spade! On a BBC programme a guest on the show got in trouble for telling people to stamp on them, slugs have rights too.

I will do an allotment update hopefully on Sunday when i get back from camping.


  1. I remember helping my aunt with her allotment when I was a kid. I thought it was just for the war people had allotments. Didn't realize they kept them up. It is a good idea.

    Slugs - I draw the line, I would not pick one up.

  2. Try putting bark down or catching them in upturned hal grapefruits with a hole in the top!