13 Sept 2007

Getting my shit together

Hey Folks.
Just as i am settling down into some sort of happy blogging routine, i have the great idea to bog off and go camping! This creates a whole world of chaos for me, i must be a glutton for punishment.

I will post more after i have finished getting my camping and hiking stuff together.

Hours later.....................................

Well i still haven't packed as usual but i am not going till 4pm tomorrow, so i have bags of time right?
No! because tomorrow i am going to the allotment in the morning with my mum, me and the weeds of hell will do battle once more! So after getting sweaty and dirty (easy now), i will get back home about lunch time then off to pick up Connor from school.
So i am sat here instead of packing and sleeping, wondering what to do instead of doing it!

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