23 Apr 2008

No words wednesday or wordless.....

Happy St George's Day,
Behold England's green and pleasant land


  1. That's the perfect spot for skinny-dipping. Now show us pics of the next 10 minutes...

  2. It is certainly tucked away from the world. Looks cold though.

  3. Absolutely beautiful!

  4. I wanna be there too! Wait for me!!!

    Happy W W, mine's up...a love interest today. Hope you can stop by.

  5. What a pleasure it must be to hike in such a place.

    I have the moon today -

    Tink *~*~*

  6. what an amazing view
    great shot
    Happy WW

  7. That is beautiful! Happy Wordless Wednesday

  8. 1) Nice bra ya got there babe! ;)
    2) LOVE the photo...I WISH I was there! (Really, I do!)
    3) I got something for you on my blog!
    4) Have a nice day!

  9. What a view! Happy St. George's Day to you too Claire x

  10. Excellent, Claire. It looks really inviting. What a view.


  11. Happy St Georges Day my Twitter Friend!

  12. Nice picture, the scenery is so much alike the one in Norway. I love hiking in the mountains and when i see your photo i just want to take my backpack and run for the hills..

  13. Perfect photo!Beautiful scenario!

    happy ww

  14. @Jillian, It was freezing, very windy and there were lots of people there! other than that its perfect for skinny dipping and if I was there with the right person I might just.

    @Bevson, it was lovely right up until that point and then it was very windy. Its a very popular hiking spot and absolutely beautiful.

    @sandy's notes, Cheers :)

    @Hootin, I will race you there next time I go :)

    @Tink, it was a pleasure to hike there.

    @deb, thanks! :)

    @kc cheers for that :)

    @the healthy mum, thank you :)

    @Olga, I loved it and the amendment, you can steal my catchphrases any time.

    @neen, cheers :)

    @akelamalu,Have you been to that part of the lakes?

    @Bobbie, If your ever here I will be your tour guide :)

    @Jean-Luc, and to you too fellow twitterer :)

    @nino, cheers :)

    @bskaad, Thanks for the compliment, I usually make people run for the hills :)

    @Janeser, thank you :)

  15. HEY! I've been meaning to stop by and here I am, finally!!

    Nice place. Looks like a splendid day hiking...I'm so jealous. I'm here stuck in a damn office.

    Stop by and participate in my Caption Contest...Oh come on!!

  16. This is a breath taking shot, Claire! Great job.

  17. It almost looks primitive, kinda eerie but I LOVE it!
    Oh, and a very Happy St. George's Day! (Is he the one with the dragon?)

  18. My back garden looks a lot like this, you know.

    Alright, so I may be lying.

    A happy (belated) St. George's Day, m'dear!

  19. Wow. Great photo!

  20. The lyrics to "Jerusalem". Does this mean you will soon become a nude "Calendar Girl"?

    Love the picture as always.

  21. @everyone I did just reply to everyone individually but then the page refreshed on me, the stupid fucking thing!

    I have no time to do it again but thanks for commenting I am back on Monday!