14 Apr 2008

Home from Hamburg

On the water


  1. Wow, this is an amazing shot. Wish I were there!!!

    Hope you're enjoying yourself.

  2. Well that looks.... wet! More!

    Hope you had fun. But then doesn't beer usually equal a good time or is that just me?

  3. Welcome back Claire. Did you bring me a surprise from the sex museum? If so, does it require ointment?

    Hope you enjoyed your break.

  4. Glad your back, I have had to take Max in hand while you have been out. He thinks I always take your side. Of course I do. Us Ladies have to stick together. Don't tell him that I really have an Internet crush on him. By the way I wrote a post telling everyone what he is like.

  5. Neat picture. The choppy water realy shows up with the sun reflection.

  6. Love the angle and perspective of this photo !

    The sun and its rays shining down on the water really stands out for me.

  7. Go on then tell us, did you go to the sex museum? :)

  8. Oooh, the sun on the water is so pretty. Terrific shot, Claire.

  9. @Crazy, it was lovely :)

    @Jillian, I have now provided more :)

    @.45 I brought myself back and I need ointment, something to rub on my chest so I can breathe easier.

    @ettarose, thanks for trying to handle that, I think castration is in order. :)

    @kathyusa, cheers :)

    @jinghui, thanks for that :)

    @akelamalu, I have now answered the question, I know you will be disappointed.

    @Bobbie, cheers I thought you would like a water shot :)

    @sandycarlson, not at the moment it doesn't, as I have developed a cold.

  10. Have you tried cherry lube? ;)

    I know how you feel, though. Have fun for a few days, then miserably sick, as if punishment.

  11. @.45, I have never tried it on my chest before ;)

    but I didn't do anything to deserve punishment, well there may of been a bad thought or two :)

  12. Awesome photo Claire, I love all those waves!

  13. well claire iam suitably impressed with your photographs and have decided now i need to get a new camera as i cannot have you been better than me at taking photographs, which you are at the moment!!!!!!!!!!! the compettion begins when i get new camera!!!!!!!!!!
    i am not competative at all, much!!!!!!!!!

  14. @Roger, Cheers for that! The light was perfect at the time :)

    @Fairy Heather, but then you will have to master the photo editing software, So heh!