15 Apr 2008

The Hamburg Report

I better get this over with as quickly as possible, I did NOT go the sex/erotic art museum. I know what's up with that? Time is what is up with that and nephews, I ran out of time and it wasn't appropriate to go to that area with the nephews in tow. I can hear you clicking away from my blog now you bloody perverts!
Also I kind of erm wimped out when it came to taking Willy out and about with me, he only got a slight airing on the ferry trip. I couldn't take Connor (youngest nephew) constantly asking to play with the 'finger' aka Willy and Ewan (older nephew) then saying its not a finger its a w......., hand goes over his mouth at this point or he got the look. So willy was stuffed into my bag and neglected for this trip.
Any hoo I still start this story from the beginning now, the flight was good, especially as I had the mum with me. The mum has not flown in nearly twenty years and is now in a wheelchair, so that could of been very very stressful. So hats off to the airline staff at Manchester and Hamburg as they were excellent, they get the wheels of steel seal of approval.
Jemma and co live about 35/40 minutes from the airport near an area called Blankenese (posh), I think its called Iserbrook. Their house is the white one in the photo collage above and Jemma would be in a right hump if I didn't tell the world how nice it is, so the house is really really nice! I did really appreciate all the effort jemma went to, she set up my room like a posh hotel room, complimentary chocolates an all. Was that nice enough of me?
Friday I got to do the school run with Jemma and the kids, I wanted to do that honest. The kids go to the International School of Hamburg, its two trains and a bus away. The German transport system also gets a thumbs up from me, efficient and clean. Also it was a lot cheaper than public transport over here. Once we got to the school I got to watch the school assembly, it was in American so I sort of undestood it. Its strange the things you miss about your family when they are not so close, the mundane school stuff is one of those things. Jemma and I then headed into Hamburg for a gander at the shops which where excellent, absolutely loads of great shops and rather good prices. Jemma has started German lessons and seems to be picking it really fast, so that definitely helps when your out and about.
Saturday was just chilling out while Jemma did her mad cleaning up, she is the tidy one of the family. Once she finished that we headed off to have a nose at one of the big supermarkets, I wanted to see all the German sausages and look at the booze selection. By the time we got back it was time to get ready for the Reeperbahn.
I had heard a lot about the Reeperbahn before heading over but as Jemma and Ste hadn't had the chance for a night out there yet, nobody knew what to really expect. You can read more about the place if you click here Reeperbahn. The area doesn't have the best reputation so Ste (Jemma's bloke) didn't think bringing the camera or Willy was a good idea, also I don't think he really liked Willy, heh. The trains run all night, another plus, so getting there is not a problem at all. As soon as you hit the area, there are hookers all over the shop. I was a bit stupid and thought they were just handing out flyers, but nope they were handing out their whatevers. Once you get over that, the Reeperbahn is just like any other drinking hot spot, apart from the rather numerous sex shops with very interesting things on sale. A wide range of music was available across the numerous bars/pubs/clubs and the place had a chilled out vibe. There was the women in windows area, but that was fenced off and women were encouraged strongly not to go down there, as the working ladies do not like gawkers. I will definitely be going out again round the Reeperbahn area, for the drinking and music of course, but next time I will go with friends instead of relatives. As I couldnt see behind the fenced off area I had a go at doodling what I thought might be going on that side, I think I got it pretty right?

On Sunday I had a lazy morning before Jemma, me and the kids headed for a boat trip on the River Elbe, to see some more of Hamburg, mainly the port area. The day was finished off at a large fun fair that they have a couple of times a year.
The trip was over way way to fast and although I didn't do everything I expected to, I got to spend time with my family who I miss a lot. More importantly, now that I know how much I like it over there, I will be going again as SOON as possible. So Hamburg definitely gets the thumbs up from me, I think there is something for everyone to do, literally.

PS. While I remember, when I am on my over the pond adventure in September how often would you like me to post? Did you follow the little twitter updates?


  1. Wow! I don't think you've written that many words all year! I'm impressed!

    Sounds like a heck of a trip in spite of not being able to traipse around the nekkid museum!

    Great pictures as always!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! :)

    Those little fellas are getting so big, but still as handsome as ever.

  3. Claire, it sounds like you had a brilliant time. Thanks for sharing...the story and the pics. Makes me miss my family. :(

    Too bad about the museum, but it's understandable. Spending time with your nephews was much more ya said.

    And yes, I like your twitters. Keep us informed next time as well. Otherwise, we miss you something fierce!

  4. Interesting. Still reading. Just wanted to comment before the big rush. Missed you a lot. Come night owl with me tonight unless you're too crapped out. Glad you're back. :)

  5. Hi,
    I saw you on Britishspeak and Max suggested I come read your blog.

    Just got done reading this post. Sounds like you had a good time. Reading it reminded me of living in Holland, my brother went to the international school there, where he was taught on the american school system. They've know moved back to the UK, and hes trying to adjust to the english system.

    Have you free'd willy since you got back?

  6. Wonderful nephews. Great pictures. I've found a hike you might enjoy.

    Meet Me For Lunch

  7. Sounds like quite a trip. Ah those innocent censors. What fun. God bless.

  8. This is a much bigger piece of you than usual. It's like a Claire novella.

    It sounds like you had a good time, despite not making it to the museum. This Reeperbahn place sounds like museum enough, though. One of the windows even has a chicken AND a cat! If I didn't know better, I would have thought you visited here, especially if there were hookers everywhere.

    I think next time you should give hourly updates. You should Twitter from your cell phone every hour with as many emoticons as possible so people know exactly how you are feeling at the time of each Twitter.

    OK, maybe every other hour, but don't skimp on the emoticons!!!

  9. Sounds like a really great trip, lots of neat places to visit -pictures were great (as usual) and it's always nice to be able to go visit family.

  10. It DOES sound like you had fun!!! I wouldn't mind more Twitter updates either.

    "I was a bit stupid and thought they were just handing out flyers, but nope they were handing out their whatevers. "

    Yeah, more people should hold on to their whatevers.

    "I wanted to see all the German sausages"



  11. Claire, sometimes a good long post is what you need. I enjoyed it and am glad you had a good trip. Yes, next time go with friends. That way you can sneak a peek. I know I would.

  12. Good post. What's with the lightening bolts? Indicating excitation?

  13. I should think they're especially averse to naked redhaired gawkers...

  14. @Linda as this post is over 900 words, it is most definitely the longest one so far this year. I think all you wordy folks are rubbing off on me! Think what I will be like in September :)

    @Tisha, they are getting so old! Connor now talks non stop.

    @diamonddigger, I am sorry that it made you miss your family :( It was really great seeing my nephews. Going from seeing them every day to this, has been very hard. Thanks for the twitter input.

    @relax max, Glad you missed me, but yes was to crapped out to comment much last night.

    @Caroline, Welcome to my blog! :) I think Ewan will have a harder time adjusting than Connor as he will be at high school when they come back. I let Willy out of my back after you reminded me! heh.

    @Jamie, Cheers for that, I cant wait to see the hike!

    @Sandy, Innocent Censors, I like that :)

    @.45, I thought people may notice that I have been slightly more wordy than usual. I did wonder whether people would bother reading it. I think you would love the Reeperbahn, they even had cherry lube in one of the windows :) I am going to twitter from my phone I think, with extra emoticons just for you.

    @Jeni, Look I nearly wrote a post as long as yours! :)

    @Jillian, Careful what you ask for, I could go twitter mad! I think you and the hubster would love Hamburg. There are lots of siren noises! The 'ladies' were handing out their whatevers all over the place, whilst wearing bumbags! (fanny packs) I wonder what was in them?

    @ettarose, I am glad you liked it, I wasnt sure about writing such a long post as its not my usual style. So your comment is much appreciated :)

    @Thriftcriminal, Cheers and yep lighting indicates excitation :) otherwise known as a zap. So I have been told anyway :)

    @Stine, Yes they would have serious competition :) lmao! :)

  15. Oh Claire - your newphews are so aDOORable!!! This is a great post & wonderful photos too - I'm glad you emjoyed being with your family. You're right - sometimes the mundane stuff IS the best stuff. :)
    So did you see any good looking German sausages?

  16. @Olga, yes they are! They look like me, well especially Connor the younger one :)

    I am surprised that everyone liked the longer post, I thought it would make peoples head explode.

    Who knew that I would miss the school run, but I do :(

    There were some very nice German sausages in the supermarket, out of the supermarket not so much. I didn't get much chance to look! :)

  17. As an information glutton, I expect nothing less one post and multiple twitter feeds a day during your stateside adventure :).

  18. @Franscud, Bloody hell you don't want much do you! :)
    I will have to have a serious think about it and then maybe do a poll for you all to vote on.

    Although it is very nice to know that people actually want to read my ramblings :)

  19. Marvellous post, m'dear!

    It is always a pleasure to get an extra-generous helping of your wondrous self, as far as I am concerned.

    Also, what do they call Willy in Germany?

    I'm guessing 'Villy'. Am I close?

  20. Hey Darlin I would like for you to post at least once a day when your stateside. Is there any chance you will be in AZ. at all even a short stop in the airport? We could have a Beer.

    So cool you had a great time in Hamburg, I would love to visit Germany.

  21. "I think you would love the Reeperbahn"

    Most likely, after seeing all the Zaps it produces.

  22. HA, LMAO Darlin. I just noticed my name in your blogroll, I love it.

  23. @Lord Likely, fine flattery indeed, it seems people do want more of me. I think Villy sounds about right :)

    @Trukinboobman, another vote for once a day, hmmmm. I shall be nowhere near AZ, which I presume is Arizona? I may be planning another trip next year. So the beer will have to remain in the fridge for now. Only just noticed that name, very slow :)

    @.45 Yes and I think you may need them after all the trauma of moving and SCALLOPMAN! :)

  24. You may turn me off to scallops yet. Why couldn't I have written about Onionman?

  25. @.50, are you Mr.45 older and more dashing brother?

    I have nearly finished The story of Scallop Man part one!

  26. Great review of Hamburg my lovely! The Reeperbahn sounds like Amsterdam - great bars and music and some 'interesting' sights! :)

  27. @akelamalu, Thanks indeed, I have yet to visit Amsterdam but its on my list. As I love to see 'interesting' sights :)

  28. "are you Mr.45 older and more dashing brother?"

    Just bigger. :)

  29. @.45/.50

    I could of doodled that :)

  30. Fantastic review, and great pictures all over your blog! Keep on sharing!

  31. @ seen this scene that, thanks for that, I will definitely keep on sharing :)