20 Apr 2008

What about a doodle day?

To Doodle or Not to Doodle?
Noticed that I like to doodle? Of course you have, you don't have any choice if you visit here more than once. Incidentally doodle is a funny word, the more you say it the funnier it sounds, doodle doodle doodle. Okay the caffeine has kicked in now, can you tell, can you!
Anyways back to the point of this post, in my blog visiting I have noticed that little stick people are rather popular in the blogosphere. So when visiting fellow stick person doodler That Grrl, I noticed on a post that she was wondering about a doodle meme or doodle something, so I suggested a doodle day.

She then took the baton, not to be confused with the ill fated olympic torch because that would be silly (damn this coffee is good shit) and wrote this post Let's Have a Doodle Day!.

So what exactly is a doodle? Check out the definition here Doodle Definition in which a blog that happens to be on entrecard is linked, the rather excellent doodlage.

What will you need?
Here is a list of some of things that you might use to doodle
*paint program on your computer or something fancier if you have it *pen *paper *crayons *felt tips *pencil *scanner *camera *A blog to show it off, either yours or mine.

If you don't think doodling is right for your blog and therefore that means you get out of it? Think again! You can doodle something still and I will post it here on my blog. So certain grumpy folks that means you and you, surely you cant resist the possibility of doodling anything that takes your fancy. A doodle does not have to funny, look good or have any sense to it at all, it can be anything.

So what I want to know is, what do you think about a doodle day?
There is a Charity Doodle Day on May the 8th so maybe something to coincide with that would be good, read about it here USA National Doodle Day. I missed the UK one, so that will have to wait till next year. Let me know any other ideas you have. Also this is not a serious thing, its just meant to be fun.

An example of me if you don't play along :)


Update Post:
1. From the feedback I have gotten so far, I think I will go with the 8th of May for my contribution, but I will make it a Doodle Week so that you can post something any day you chose from May 8th - May 14th.
2. Do you want a theme? or are you happy to just go doodle mad on whatever topic?
3. This is not a meme and I don't really want a link back, its just something fun that you could just fit into any post. If you want to mention the charity site that would be cool, but i personally have no affiliation with it, I just love to doodle.
4. Do you want a badge if you participate?
5. Check the comments in this post to keep up with the latest doodle banter, but I will probably keep updating this post too.
6. I have decided to do an online doodle, as well as a pen to paper doodle.


  1. Lest I incur the wrath of that red-headed harpie doodle above, I would likely play along. :)

  2. Oh go on then I'll give it a go. When is it? Can you give us a bit of time to have a practice? Is there a badge for taking part like you did for the Easter Bunnies cos you know I like badges. xx

  3. I'm a big doodler on paper, maybe I'll give online doodling a try! :)

  4. Ok, ok I've posted already!

    But I don't doodle, I just enjoy other people's.

  5. where do you get your coffee? I would like some.

  6. I must confess your doodle involving the big butcher knife is especially enticing to me as it sings to the sicko in me. That being said, I must see what I can come up with. My doodling has to be on photoshop however being as hooking up my scanner and all the headache involved (long story) would be rather tiresome.... I will see what I can do to further the cause....

  7. @Jenn, you would make a fine minion, a fine minion indeed!

    @Akelamalu, I think I will go for may the 8th or any time afterwards to coincide with National Doodle day, unless anyone thinks that's a bad idea. So get practising. If you really want a badge I will make one.

    @Drowsey, paper or online would be great! Remember you can photograph or scan a paper doodle :) I will be doing both.

    @Alison, about bloody time! and come on! one little bloody doodle! Don't make me angry :(

    @.45, Its just crappy instant coffee but it was my first for days! woo hoo! Are you going to do a doodle for me? :)

    @ladybanana, Hey no doodle is a bad doodle, its just unique :)

    @Petra, photoshop doodles are perfectly wonderful. I know you will come up with something delightfully demonic :)

  8. If I can, but I want to clear my own queue and someone asked me to tell a "regretful" story.

  9. @.45 hmmph! A doodle takes no time at all :(

    Ah Mr Happy I guess for the regretful story? :)

  10. It would for me, cuz I would be a perfectionist in even in making a doodle. (that sounds so wrong)

  11. So we can draw anything??? Hmmm.

  12. Why not? I'll give it a whirl. 8th to 14th then eh.

  13. @.45, hmmmm I could go all Freudian with that little chestnut.

    You could just doodle 'Claire is Awesome' :)

    @Jillian, yes anything! Although that thing you said via email was very very rude! But If you can doodle it, sure.

    @thriftcriminal, oh I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  14. You're great Claire. :) Let's make it Doodle Week, that gives everyone time to pick a day they are able or to post a doodle every day that week.

    A blog badge is a good idea. I have to catch the bus to work soon. I will email you tonight to work on this. Or, you are welcome to just keep going with it.

  15. That is an awsome idea! I'd love to write about it on PP.

  16. Email? What email?

    Seriously.... what email? I sent something? Was this a conversation from a while back? :-/

  17. Doodles? doodle your heart away, your damn hilarious with it. Me? I don't doodle. I just take pictures. :)

  18. I will be more than happy to 'dip' my 'nib' and 'knock one out' for you, m'dear!

    Also, I may well do a doodle, too.

  19. @ Laura yeah email me with more ideas! My brain is fried at the moment.

    I like the idea of a doodle a day but I know not everyone will like that, SOME people like----------->them!wont even do one!

    @Shirley aka ssb, feel free too :)
    I might do a post on BC soonish.

    @Jillian, how could you forget that! Bloomin heck!

    @Chica, dont try and fob me off missus! I have seen that you can do with chalk, DOODLE!!!! shapes, swirls, flowers, whatever!

    @Lord Likey, Just for me? How lucky I am!

    I would love to see a doodle from you.

  20. I tried to post a response the other day, but my computer wouldn't let me.

    I am in, i love to doodle.

  21. So about this email....? :-D What did I say??

  22. This is very difficult for a perfectionist (my paintings are in my closet for the most part...) but I will give it the ol' college try, just for you!

  23. @Caroline, Hooray! Thanks for coming back and commenting :)

    Look forward to seeing your doodle skills.

    @Jillian, its too rude to post here! Okay I totally made it up, yeah I know I am mad :)

    @Gracie, Remember its just for fun, I really would love to see what you would doodle :)

  24. Aaargh! I tried to post twice here and the page refreshed! WTH? Please count me in! I do not want to be chopped to pieces by a knife-wielding red-haired doodle girl.

  25. @ginger, I think you have made the right decision!

    I am made up your playing along :)

  26. Please count me in on the fun........don't wish to have to fun from the scary redhead! :)

  27. @Nicole, that's cool! I am glad your joining in :)

  28. Count me in!!!!

  29. @kelly, thank you for the shout out post :)

    and looking forward to seeing your doodle :)

  30. We Doodled Our Header! This is fun. Thanks!
    Your FL furiends,

  31. @samantha&tigger, I love the extra doodly header! Its awesome :)