19 Apr 2008

Thirteen Favourite Shots

This week in the theme is thirteen, so I went with the easy option of picking thirteen of my favourite photographs this year.

Taking photographs and blogging about them has been a huge source of fun for me. Yesterday I passed the 50'000 visitor mark and I would like to thank all the people that visit my blog and especially those that come back!


  1. good mornin' Claire. My marmelade likes your pictures. can she put them on her desktop?

  2. Beautiful shots, Claire! Happy Saturday.

  3. As always beautiful shots! 50,000 visitors - I count myself lucky to be one of them! :)

  4. Really impressive Claire. Are you using a SLR or just a small digital camera?, oh and I have linked to you from my latest post. It is a meme and I apologies for that, you are probably busy enough.

    Glad you enjoyed your excursion.

  5. BEAUTIFUL pictures. Great idea for this weeks theme.

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  6. I've said it a lot before, but I really like your photos. I think I have decided to mail you that good handheld (and a tripod). I'll tell you why later, if you haven't guessed. Nothing to do with scallops. :)

  7. very nice picture and well put together

  8. Looks like you go to the same kind of places I like to go to.

    I'm here:

  9. Those are spectacular shots. It's a beautiful collage.

  10. Great photography, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing them!

  11. Very nice collection! They all seem to go together too!! You're very talented.

  12. Nice collection Claire. I remember most of these -- and thanks for reminding me of them. Well done.


  13. @Marmelade, Of course you can! That's lovely of you :)

    @Tisha, thanks very much. I hope you have a lovely weekend too :)

    @Akelamalu, Thank you, but I count myself lucky that folks like yourself keep coming back :)

    @Alex, thanks very much. I am saving for a SLR but at the moment its just me and my canon powershot A630. You have tagged me? foolish boy.

    @Frances, Thank you very much and I hope you have a lovely weekend too :)

    @Lady Banana, cheers! :)

    @Relax Max, Thank you and don't tease me with promises of photographic presents :)

    @Mae, cheers :)

    @Alice, a fellow hiker? excellent :)

    @Heart of rachel, thanks indeed :)

    @Heather, Cheers :)

    @Erica, thanks for the compliment and the visit :)

    @Karen, Cheers for that and not sure about talented but it is fun :)

    @Bobbie, your definitely one of the reasons I keep posting my photographs. I always appreciate your comments :)

  14. That's a clever way of settingup your thirteen with some lovely shots.

  15. Beautiful! And congrats on 50,000visitors! WOW!! (Must have a little to do with Willie too, dontcha think???)

  16. I love that shot at bottom second from the left, I'll have to find it and swipe it.

    Congrats on the 50,000 darlin, glad to be a part of that.

  17. Congratulations on the 13 photographs! Oh, and what beautiful visitors!

  18. Great shots, all of them!

  19. @Katney I used this to do it
    Mosiac Maker, which works the best if your photos are hosted on flickr.

    @Olga, I think its folks like you and Willy that got me the hits :)

    @Trukin, because I cant really tell left from right I hope you meant
    This One. That's the link to it on flickr.
    Cheers :)

    @.45, your a sarcastic bugger, it makes me want to hurt you. meh.
    Unless you were being nice then thanks!

    @Stine, Cheers me dears :)

  20. Such a great gathering, they all looks so good I don't know which to stare at first. Great job!!

  21. I must insist you go and make those 13 into postcards and sell them to me so I can mail them :)

    They are all so beautiful.

  22. yes, but I like to be different than the crowd. :)

  23. Great collage! And such great photos.

  24. @Roger, flatterer :) I knew I liked you.

    @Monique, feel free to turn them into postcards. That was a lovely thing to say :)

    @.45, You are very different, almost special :)

    @2sweetnsaxy, Thank you very much :)

  25. Almost? Dammit, what's a guy gotta do to be special?

  26. @.45, now that is simple, give up the scallops.

  27. Jesus, Claire - if those were in a calendar that thing would sell like hotcakes. I knew you were a good photographer already, but those are just incredible. You've outdone yourself, good buddy.

    Hope the Hamburg trip was awesome.

  28. @kdawg68, Wow what are you after? Only joking, thanks for the nice things said, I really appreciate it.

    Read the Hamburg post and you will find out :)

  29. Do you have any idea of how talented you really are??? You should give yourself a pat on the back for these.
    I think they're exceptional! Postcards sound terrific!!! Maybe Mo could have a "Brit" corner at The Wren's Nest dedicated to our fave redhead...

  30. @gracie, Now I feel rather embarrassed, you always say the nicest things and I know you don't give compliments that you don't mean.

    If I ever turned them into postcards I know exactly who I would send them. I have several special folks that I owe :)