26 May 2008

Do some work damn it!

do some work

In case you have trouble guessing what this doodle is about, it means Doodle Claire aka me is messing about too much here and not doing enough bloody college work!
I am pissed off at myself and woeful inability to do my college work, look I am even blogging about not doing work, instead of doing bloody work!


  1. Dammit! Get back to work!

  2. Make a list, then work through it. Works for me.

  3. Uh Oh. Don't be too hard on yourself!

  4. I'm confused as to whom your boobs are now dangerous to.

  5. @jillian, I am I am, okay I am not, but I will, soon.

    @thrift, I have lists for my lists. I need to start a super list :)

    @pentad, I talk/type too much about not doing work. It is the area I need to work on the most :)

    @.45, The danger was meant to be focused on my confused mind, but the word didn't fit right there, so it was placed in the boob area.

  6. ahh, well you gave me an idea for a bra design anyway.

  7. Stop doodling your boobs and get to work.

    That sounded dirty.

    Sorry, didn't mean it that way.

  8. @da old man, It sounded like sage advice to me :)

    Dirty or not ;)

  9. Sometimes not doing work is just more fun!

  10. Red, you have to get your work done. You just have to. Now get to work okay? Big hug. :)

  11. I think you should make doodling your work. You are so good at it. Still finish college, of course, but if your counseling turns out to be crap, you can always fall back on doodling. Bugger work for a game of doodling, I say.

    All work and no play will make you wet the bed even faster than picking dandelions. Of course, you already knew that.

    (Or just hang out at the pub. Whatever.) : P

  12. I volenteer to keep your Boobs out of DANGER while you work, no need to thank me just place them in my safe hands and crack them books. :)

  13. @talina, yep aint that the truth :)

    @sandee, Your right I have to! Thanks for the hug :)

    @relax max, Well I hope my counselling doesn't turn out to be crap. Doodling is fun, helping people just has the edge on that.

    @trukindog, How kind of you, but i am kind of attached to them and I am not sure you would keep them out of danger.

  14. "Danger Boobs!" I think that's a great new nickname for ya! So, what's it gonna take to get me over to your place anyway????

  15. You sound perfectly normal to me. I mean, naming you're boobies as dangerous is perfectly normal. As is avoiding work and drawing doodles of your dangerous self. :)

  16. Have a margarita. :)

  17. Get to ruddy work, m'dear!

    Else I shall be forced to soundly thrash your buttocks with a cane.

    To be honest, I shall probably do that anyway.

    Now, back to work!

  18. bad claire!
    bad claire!
    You should be studying rather than checking your comments ;-)

  19. You're a very naughty girl!

    Thanks for the doodle badge sweetie. xx

  20. Do some work missy :)

    But keep the doodles coming too... I love them.

  21. Procrastination is a wonderful thing...forget work, just doodle!

    I'm having a hard time focusing on work today too...blah.

  22. LOL.. I never did like college work, either!

  23. College gets you no where but do your work anyways its good practice.

  24. Well Claire, when I have these life delimnas, I find that a drink or 3 helps clear the mind. And if after 3 or 5 drinks the mind is still not clear, I have the rest of the bottle and the left over pizza in the fridge.

    Works like a charm everytime as I usually fall asleep and forget all about work.


    Oh and the boobies get played with too but thats a whole 'nother story.

  25. @Olga, heh at danger boobs, I think a plane would get you over here :)

    @drowsey monkey, I appreciate that, especially from a fellow 'normal' person.

    @dead rooster, In a few weeks I shall drown myself in a bucket full.

    @lord likely, sounds like fun! I mean of course sir, getting right back to it now.

    @dale, you caught me! :)

    @akelamalu, yep I am :(

    @caroline, I shall try and throw up the odd doodle, they keep me sane (ish). :)

    @random chick, I shall end up with a degree in Procrastination maybe tomorrow sometime! heh :)

    @cynthia, I have a love/hate thing going on! I love love love the course but have time doing the written work! I think great thoughts though :)

    @sogeshorts, this is getting me somewhere just need to get my arse into gear.

    @petra, That sounds like excellent advice! I mean, Hang on! that is shit advice!

  26. thats why you are the counselor and I am the student. Just call me grasshopper.