24 May 2008

Doodle Week Galleries

If you want to see the doodles from Doodle Week, other than these little versions then check them out on the Doodle Week blog.
*Doodle Week*
Some feedback would be really appreciated, because I am a grump and they are time consuming. Do you like them? Is it worth doing?
So far I have collected all the 'Doodle You', 'Doodle Monster' and 'Doodle Animal' doodles.
Only a squillion more to go!

Update: Erm twas a little grumpy when I first wrote this, as I deleted the first two instead of saving them. Which of course put me in a bad mood!
What I meant to say was thanks for doodling and I will have to be a bit better organised for the next doodle week.

Doodle You GalleryDoodle Monster GalleryDoodle Animal Gallery


  1. I think they are awesomely cool, and I appreciate the effort immensely. If there's a way for me to help assemble one or two, let me know.

  2. Sure they're interesting. Thanks for doing it. For every one of us who tells you that your hard work is appreciated, there are 50 more who don't tell you, but still love what you do. You are not unappreciated, only underthanked. :)

  3. i can't stop doodling red. help me. please..... arghhhhhh

    smiles, bee

  4. @da old man, I like your answer a lot :)

    @franscud, Thank you I was just annoyed with myself and decided to have a little rant :)
    Lets blame my doodletistic temperament. I actually like doing them, honest!

    @relax max, I just wanted everyone to know that I loved the effort they made with the doodles and I am shit at organising myself properly.

    @empress bee, That is exactly the effect I wanted to have on people :)

  5. it's cool seeing them all together like that :)

  6. I forgot the question.............

  7. You did a great job Claire they look fantastic!

  8. I enjoy your doodle's. I am thinking of investing in doodle art myself. Just need to get the nerve up... Skeered here

  9. @drowsey monkey, cool that's what I need to know :)

    @petra, you have the attention span of a gnat :)
    Does one like the doodle collages?

    @akelamalu, Thank you! Its because the doodles were fantastic :)

  10. @callie ann, I would to see some of your doodles!

    Anyone can do it :)

  11. I think it's worth doing! Looks great. I've been pretty useless the past few days, well more useless than I usually am. And it's OK to be a grump, I am!!! :-D

  12. @jillian, I was a right grumpy biatch when I posted this and needed my ego stroked or something :)

    I should be doing college work but have been fannying around doing this instead , I think i need a blog intervention to get me away from here.


  13. Of course we all like them Claire. We all love everything you do.

  14. Claire,
    You Da Bomb! Thanks for all your effort. You made playing with my doodle a very enjoyable experience.


  15. @mark, the right answer! You have moved up a level in your minion status :)

    @dale, I love encouraging people to play with their doodles :)

  16. They look superb, all together like that!

    Looking at them, some are really very artistic but there are others much more at my level :) I'll try to join in next time, but I'll need some notice. I didn't notice until more or less half way through this time.

  17. It's is AWESOME Claire!!! Not only was it fun, but you should be able to count this towards your degree, eh???

  18. OMFG!!! I am on the doodle monster gallery!!! How f'n cool is that??? Rock OUT!

    No, I am not drinking..........

  19. @a. , Thank you! I think the mix of talent really makes it special :)

    The next one is 14th -20th of JULY! and you can join in at any stage :)

    @olga, Cheers! It is indeed good therapy and some of it will go towards my diploma actually :)

    @petra> woot woot! Your in two of them :)

    reall not drinking?

  20. I might have been drinking, but I plead the 5th :-)