26 Jun 2008

Mumborg is home and she got the microwave

I have decided to go with Mumborg as the mum/cyborg/cybernetic beast masters new name.
So anyways the Mumborg arrived home on Tuesday, she didn't even stay in long enough for more piss bag stories. The leg is being monitored carefully and the Mumborg will be in a lot of pain for a long while yet. Apparently its hard getting use to something that is just basically a flesh covered metal limb from the knee up. The leg actually being attached to the hip, which is also metal, is something new that the Mumborg has to get use to, as they have been apart for sometime. Physio and good pain relief should slowly start to improve things, so fingers crossed for no more infections.

Now to more serious news, within a day of her return home, the microwave fused and it is now totally dead, suspicious or what! I am keeping my eye on her/it.

By the way I do show the mumborg the ever so flattering doodles of her, for those that think she must cringe in horror at the thought of what I am up to.

Here is the result of the last doodle related conversation that we had about the previous mumborg doodles which you can find by following the link at the bottom of this post.

Mumborg: What is that? and where are my boobs?
Me: Its a plug and erm shurrup!
Mumborg: I want boobs.
Me: They are in the wrong geographic location, so no.
Mumborg:Hang on, is this what your doing instead of college work?
Me: Shurrup.

Busted and further proof that mumborgs are dangerous creatures.

For those new to the story of the mumborg follow the link to all mumborg related posts:
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  1. aHA... i told you she needed boobs red! give the woman boobs!!! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  2. lol @ momborg ... good name. We need to start a "give momborg some boobies" group, or something....

    glad she's home and recovering well :)

  3. Hang in there! I can sympathize, as my mom was largely metal from the hip down due to an injury years ago. Unfortunately her physiotherapist kept accidentally dislocating her leg, which didn't help encourage her to keep up her exercises, to say the least...

  4. Ha! Love the mumborg and the boobs! Your doodles always get me.

    ::off to read the rest of the mumborg story so far::

  5. I love these fun. Now I need to catch up with the rest of the story. Just in case you are interested though, your tagged on my blog.

  6. Of course the Mumborg wants boobs! You had better give them to her, or she may assimilate them from elsewhere. First the bionic leg, and then the bionic boobs. :)

  7. Support Mumborg's Boobs.

    That didn't sound right, but you know what I mean.

  8. Haha. Mumborg probably has great knockers and you're just jealous. :P I'm about her age (or a bit younger I'd guess) and I have truly great boobs too.

    You should be giving her jokes about having a hollow leg or don't they say that in the UK?

  9. Give the woman boobs, she deserves them after what she's been through!

  10. People with pacemakers aren't supposed to go near microwaves. It may be that mumborgs just destroy them in passing.

    Mumborgs deserve any protuberance they want.

  11. @empress, I told her that you told me and she does want them, that's me told, lol.
    But I still refuse.

    @drowsey, That group will not work! Look what you have started.
    Thanks wishing her well though :)

    @Lana, sorry to hear about your mom, the mumborg also dislocates easily. They don't make them like they use to :)

    @redbeard, no thinking about my mumborgs boobs you hear me! lol.

    @whiney momma, I am glad you like them :)

    @haley, No she is not having any and if anyone gets bionic boobs it will be me! :)

    @da old man, step away from that comment and go to the corner.

    @laura, the mum is 48 and although I am very happy to hear you have great knockers, the mum shall remain boobless.
    Hollow leg as in where do you put all that food?

    @akelamalu, If I give them her, they might not be in the hemisphere that she wants them to be :)

    @relax max, you shurrup!

    @jamie, The mumborg has no pacemaker, she is just evil(okay not really).

    The mumborg and the word protuberance should not be uttered in the same sentence, bleck.

  12. I vote for a doodle of mumborgs cans! All in favor?

  13. @regretyousaidthat, post your mums first :)

  14. I have your answer.

    You're going to have to become the Borg Queen. Then she'll submit.

    I am reprogramming the Borg Nanocritters so that you can keep your hair. I am telling them that hair is from a previous cybernetic implant so they'll leave it alone.

    One question: Do you want to exist in one piece or two?

    PS: Data is still fully functional. XD

  15. Glad to hear she's home and doing well...sorry 'bout the microwave though.

  16. @raymond, I would definitely need to keep my hair, being a bald cyborg would not be a good look on me.

    and I don't think the world is ready for two of me :)

    PS: I do not want know if Data is fully functional! arghhhh.

    @Tish, Aww thanks tish. I guess I will have to cook properly until I get a new one :)

  17. Poor Mumborg's boobs. They go up all the way to her chin.

    Sorry to hear about the microwave. But, ya know, ya still got yer stove. Hee hee.

    Hope your Mumborg gets use to her new leg. Maybe she'll be able to get up and about long enough wreak havoc on your tv. :)

  18. @Kelly, There are NO mumborg boobs.
    Thanks for reminding me that I have a stove, meh!

    The mumborg will probably kill me with the new leg :)

    Or I will kill her if she fucks up the telly :)

  19. ok. Totally dig the Mumborg name. Too cool. And I think you should have given her boobies. Old women need boobies too. Trust me. :-)

    On a side note I am totally bummed we get no more pee stories so you are going to have to make something up. I also expect a graphic doodle to accompany it.

    And lots of hugs to your mum. I hope she feels better soon. Even if the metal in her leg probably caused the microwave to die.....

  20. @petra, I had a feeling you would like the mumborg theme, I would of gone with mumbie if there wasn't so much metal work involved.

    Actually mumbie sounds pretty cool!

    I am sure I can think of something gross enough for you :)

    She is not having boobs though.

    Thanks for the hugs :)