27 Jun 2008

Go and look at the Doodle Week Blog

Well doodlers and boring non doodlers, the time is getting ever closer to the next Doodle Week!
I know, I know, you can hardly contain yourselves.
What? you pissed yourself in excitement!
I didn't want to know that.
Click on the button below and transport yourself to the new and improved Doodle Week blog. The new layout skin thingie is courtesy of Chica-X and I love it!

Doodle Week July

You need to go over and get any questions in that you want answering about doodle week, the more input we get the better it will be.

Cheers xxxxxxx


  1. Lovely Doodle*

    The Hard Sell is turning this Diddlers Soft Noodle into Willy Time Canoodler*********


  2. I don't doodle. But, I LOVE to see yours. :)

  3. I'm gonna doodle me with bigger & nicer boobies than yours. LOL ... well, maybe we'll leave that to Olga.

  4. Did you say something about piss again? I was too distracted by doodle cleavage to retain anything that followed.

  5. Try a diaper .45. You need to try retaining it in some way.

    I don't think Momborg will approve of the hard sell.

  6. @laura- Why would anyone want to retain piss?

  7. @Billy, Thank you :)
    Erm the hard sell would be me swearing a lot and threatening violence :)

    @Tish, I am glad you like them but I refuse to believe you cant pick up a pen and doodle me just a little something? Or get the kids to do one for me, that would be cool :)

    @Drowsey, Bring on doodle boobs! mwhahaha! Olga will be with me during doodle week so I wonder what she will get up to :)

    @.45, yes I mentioned piss again, get out the cleavage and doodle me something ;)

    @Laura, lol! The soft sell is just doodle claire looking nice and blowing a kiss, I don't know what everyone thinks my hard sell would be? perverts :)

    lol :)

  8. @.45 Don't comment at the same time as me! grrr.

  9. I won't be able to join in the fun this time m'deario I'm jetting off to Kefalonia on the 17th for two weeks!

  10. Well since I "need to go over" I better quit stalling then, hadn't I?

  11. @claire- You'll need to text me when your commenting then, and I'll go brush my teeth or something.

  12. Hi,
    I am coolingstar9 from Singapore, this is the first time I visit your blog site.
    I found here has a lot of fun, I will visit more often.
    My bc friend, wish you happy and healthy.
    Best wishes from coolingstar9

  13. I'm commenting and pissing myself all at the same time. I'm talented that way.

    I like your Mumford's Doodles, too.
    :) What? I didn't say that.

  14. @akelamalu, but doodle week starts on the 14th and you could do a vacation doodle :) I would put your link in :)

    @mark, I wonder of you will doodle this time? I know you want to :)

    @.45, I apologise for telling you off, you disturbed my flow :)
    Minty freshness is always something to keep on top of.

    @coolingstar9, Thanks for visiting :)

    @Kelly (who is not a girl), Talented maybe not, but certainly special.

    I hope you are going to doodle this time?

  15. So, let's see how big your Doodle Breasts get during the course of THIS coming Doodle Week!

  16. Well I could do 14th, 15th and 16th I suppose!

  17. @Mo, Hmmmmm I think they may get a little bigger :)

    @Akelamalu, that would be awesometriffic :)

  18. The last thing I would ever want to do is disturb a woman's flow. Gross.

  19. @.45, Your grosser! meh. You would hit anything at any time.

  20. That reminds me, what time is it? I'm actually pretty discriminating, but mostly on the shallow side.

  21. Gaaaaaaar, I am bloody busy right now but I REALLY want to do one of these... let's see, distracting myself from work would be a good way to do it :)